Apartment Cleaning Services In Arlington, VA

Apartment Cleaning Services In Arlington, VA

Not all of us enjoy cleaning, especially when you have just relocated to a new apartment and want to explore your neighborhood. Nextday Cleaning Services LLC takes pride in offering you the best modern tips on apartment cleaning services in Arlington, VA.

Disinfect the disposal

They have devised a simple method of getting rid of unpleasant smell by using the locally available materials. A cut-up lemon, salt together with ice cubes can do this work and save you the coin. The lemon acts as a deodorant while salt and ice cube clean away the debris.

Crumple paper towels

You can instead use a microfiber wet cloth. Use this to sanitize clean floors, glass, and countertops and eliminate the need for other cleaning products. The advantages of this paper towels are not expensive and are reusable i.e. can be machine washed and hand to dry.


The company gives a suggestion of doing more than one activity at the same time. For example, you can save your time by considering “clean as you” technique. This one involves filling your sink with hot soapy water. You then fill it with dirty utensils. While they will be soaking you are either taking your dinner or enjoying your whiskey with your partner.


You can avoid the formation of mist on the frosted glass of your bathroom by simply rubbing it with a teaspoon of lemon oil. The oil causes water to form beads or balls and drop. Mold that often attack shower curtain liner can be eliminated by washing the liner twice in a month.

Opt for evergreens

You can give your yard a formal landscaping by using boxwood shrubs. You can irrigate the yard twice a week for it to remain evergreen all year round. Flowers can also give an aesthetic feeling and therefore help you relieve stress and pain. Retailer walls can help prevent soil erosion and define flower beds.


Light up the night

Lighting up your landscape not only gives an aesthetic pleasing but also increases safety at night by making obstacles and paths visible.

Sanitize your sink

Can you believe that you a dirty kitchen sink bears more germs than a toilet seat? Yes, and how you disinfect it. You can start by cleaning it with clean water and soap then, apply a spray of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. For stainless steel sinks, apply a few drops of mineral oil to prevent water from wetting the material. Damp sinks encourage growth of molds and lead to scaling.


You can clean the machine edges by wiping it using a sponge wet with baking soda solution. Remove the food residue and run the machine with Dishwasher Magic when empty.


When cleaning the kitchen, it is recommended you start on the right side of the stove, advance clockwise the whole room. This method of ending with stove avoid the problem of spreading its oil or grease to other regions of the kitchen.

The tips from Nextday Cleaning Services are just endless, contact them for more informative articles of apartment cleaning services in Arlington, VA.

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