House Cleaning Services in Alexandria, VA

House Cleaning Services in Alexandria, VA

Nextday Cleaning Teams are professional cleaners. They will clean your house with a game plan in their mind when hired. Approaching the task with an organized and systematic strategy when serving clients in Alexandria, VA is what customers love about them. They take pride by ensuring customers are completely satisfied main goal. They render services such as house cleaning, move in/out, upholstery, office and carpet cleaning. Being aware that customers love their services, they inform and train on the effective house cleaning habits besides offering the service. Adhering to their house cleaning tips will probably ease your work.


Office and house cleaning should be enjoyable, simply put on some, great lively music before kicking off. Now proceed by picking up the clutter, scrutinize old clothes, newspapers and furniture. If you have any closets, avoid the embarrassment by keeping them away. Old gadgets should be donated or recycled to free up some space. Ceiling fans and bulbs should be turned off as you prepare to embark on the dusting work.

Dusting. While carrying out the dusting with a microfiber cloth, move left to right, top-bottom as this will improve the aeration of your house by eliminating allergens. Use dampened cloths tied at the tip of a broom or mop to remove cobwebs. Use strings to close away slatted blinds. Hit the tops of fans, picture frames, doors and of course your knick-knacks. To avoid streaking, remember to use glass cleaners on computers, framed photos and television screens.

Vacuum cleaning. Use the correct settings and attachments. Hit the floor of the whole house and upholstered furniture and you will be amazed when you discover your lost items like pens, jewelry and socks under your couch cushions. When sweeping or mopping, always start at the farthest corner of the room. Advance towards the entrance and rinse your mop for every 4*4-foot area completed.

Freshening furniture. That hardwood needs some waxing to look shinny. Apply pesticide between the crevices of the furniture to eliminate cockroaches and spiders.

Kitchen cleaning tips.

Dust all the kitchen surfaces like cabinets and countertops. Fill up the sink with clean water mixed with a detergent. Using a piece of cloth, start wiping every surface like the face of appliances for instance microwave, refrigerators and dishwashers. Flies are attracted in the kitchen by dirty dishes, sticky counters or ripening fruits. You can eliminate them by using a solution of an apple cider vinegar.


Nextday Cleaning has years of experience when it comes to cleaning any type of bathroom. They recommend some rules to be followed for a cleaner bathroom.

  • Use a nylon netting over the drain to reduce hair clogs.
  • For good scent in the bathroom, use a fresh candle or naphthalene.
  • Use a small squeegee to slow down water mark development.

You can unclog shower heads by soaking it in a mixture of hot water and vinegar. This method loosens the materials clogging like calcium and allow once again a full-force flow.


Maximize your time and bedroom cleanliness by learning a few general bedroom tips from our compony. Get rid of clutter like dirty clothes, office supplies and rags and put them in their designated areas before you commence on the cleaning process. For more information on tips for cleaning sheets, mattress and pillows, visit their offices to get a detailed information.


You can eliminate fog or steam on glass window panes by washing them with a mixture of water and glycerin or by ensuring proper ventilation i.e. ensure moist air can exit to prevent condensation on the glass. Wash the panes with alternating horizontal and vertical strokes to prevent streaks. Wiping your window using a newspaper is also another method to avoid streaks.

Was the information beneficial to you? For further detailed house cleaning tips and checklist in Alexandria, VA, call us today.

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