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If you were take a poll from all of those who hire affordable maid services Bethesda, MD you’d find that everyone loves slipping into a professionally made bed. Unless your maid comes every single day, though, it feels like you’re missing out.

It’s the focal point of your bedroom, so if you want to keep it maid ready all of the time, then we’re happy to reveal just some of the secrets our maids use to provide you with the perfect bed.

It helps when you invest in sheets that are of a good quality. It doesn’t have to be 1000 thread count sheets, but something decent and comfortable.

Your fitted sheet goes on first- all the corners should line up and then be pulled extra tight. The top sheet should be placed next, upside down. Then add a thin blanket to complement your bedding’s color scheme. Fold the blanket and the top sheet over (at the head of the bed) around 12 inches. Now tuck the sides of both under the mattress and do it tightly.

Drape your duvet/comforter over the blanket- ensure that it is placed correctly and that there are equal overhang amounts of each side. Fold it over to show the blanket and sheet underneath.

Now, it’s time to toss the pillows. Arrange them in a triangular shape by starting with three large accent pillows against the headboard. The second row should be made up of 2 standard pillows, and one small, decorative pillow at the front.

To provide some decorative detail consider a folded blanket at the foot of the bed. It sounds good, right? It sounds great and it’s what you get with affordable maid services Bethesda, MD.

Those maid services go beyond the spectacularly made bed, though, they provide you with a fully clean home and most people hate cleaning!

Hire affordable maid services Bethesda, MD and rest assured that your home is in safe and highly trained hands with Next Day Cleaning. You can spend your time where you want to, while our professionals take care of the dirty work.

Next Day Cleaning provide personalized services to each of our clients, because we understand that everyone has different wants and needs. We understand that it might seem odd allowing strangers into your home to take care of your messes, but we strictly vet our employees to ensure we only hire professional, experienced maids that offer the highest level of service possible. Call us to discuss your particular needs and we will provide you with a quote that is sure to meet your budget. You’re about to find out just what you get when you hire affordable maid services Bethesda, MD.

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