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At Next Day Cleaning we go beyond what the typical cleaning services do. We don’t offer just house cleaning in Arlington, VA and DC, we also offer carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and deep and detailed cleans.

Many people don’t understand how important it is to maintain their carpets. By using a professional service to do so you not only maintain the love of your carpet, but you extend its life, too. In addition to the investment extending your carpets life span, it is time saving, and hygienic. Carpets do a great job of collecting allergens from the air, which can reduce any symptoms of asthma or other respiratory issues. However, when those pollutants build up they start to escape into the air creating problems. So by cleaning your carpet regularly you remove the allergens that the carpet has been storing for you.

Many people rent a carpet cleaner from their local store, however this can actually damage your carpet, by causing bacteria build up and mold growth. However, Next Day Cleaning uses high quality products and utilizes the correct equipment in order to keep your carpet clean and safe.

Our team are highly trained and have an expert knowledge in what cleaning methodology should be used depending on the type of carpet you have. That’s because every carpet is different, with cotton, organic wool, nylon, polyester, and coir fiber all possible. Our deep understanding of the different types and methodologies of cleaning ensures the best results possible for your carpets.

Our cleaning methodology includes dry cleaning, steam cleaning, as well as hot water extraction. We also use industrial machinery in order to draw out stains. It’s common for dust particles and dirt to get trapped in rugs and mats, but did you realize the same can be said for cockroaches and bugs? All of these particles release airborne gases that can contaminate your airspace, which inhibits your breathing. This is especially difficult for those who already suffer from breathing problems.

If you live in an area with great humidity you are at risk for mold development, especially during wet weather, but our cleaning service ensures that these are fully disinfected. Cleaning your carpets is a vital step in extending your carpet life, ensuring it looks brand new for longer, and protects residents from possible disease.

Additionally, you can hire our maid services for regular home cleaning, deep cleans for your home or office. We can even provide 2 or more cleaners, depending on the size of your job.

Next Day Cleaning services vet and screen our employees thoroughly to ensure we hire only the most reliable, honest and dependable employees possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100% of the time, and as such we carry out regular quality inspections.

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Omer Faruk Cevikol

Omer Faruk Cevikol is the owner of Next Day Cleaning. He aims to deliver the best cleaning services along with his dedicated team and the author of Next Day Cleaning blog. You can find Omer on LinkedIn and Instagram.