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Moving out is a stressful experience. It is a time when many things have to be completed in a short time. They include packing, resettling, change of address etc. One important thought that weighs in everyone’s mind is leaving a clean house. It is essential to leave a clean home because

  1. If you own the house and plan on selling, a clean house will fetch a better price.
  2. In case of a rented home a good reputation as a client will go a long way in ensuring that you get your security deposit.
  3. On an emotional level you get a lot of personal satisfaction in knowing that you have left a spotlessly clean house for the next occupant.

Rather than doing the cleaning job yourself it is better to get the services of a professional cleaning service. If in Fairfax hiring a move out cleaning services in Fairfax is the best thing. Advantages of hiring a move out cleaning service are many. Some of them are given below.

  • You will save a lot of time and energy. You can have more time to spend on packing and other jobs. There will be more time available to spend with your family.
  • Professionals will do a thorough deep cleaning job.
  • Cleaning services bring their own tools and cleaning materials.
  • They will be able to clean hard to reach places.

Next day cleaning service provides you with best move out cleaning services in Fairfax. Their cleaning services provide a thorough and deep cleaning job in all your home and office areas. They have different packages with flexible working hours. You can choose one that is both affordable and convenient. Discounts are also offered to valued clients.

At home their areas of cleaning include kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, living and dining area. Their work includes cleaning and mopping floors, removing cobwebs, cleaning all lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, electrical outlets and switches.

Specialized works in rooms are the following.


They work by sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning inside and outside kitchen appliances like microwave, oven and stove. Cabinets and counter tops are also cleaned thoroughly. Refrigerators and dishwashers are cleaned both inside and outside. Faucets and sinks are cleaned and polished.


Mirrors, interior and exteriors of all vanities are cleaned. Sinks and faucets are cleaned and polished. Tub and showers are also cleaned. Toilets are cleaned both inside and outside and the areas behind. Vents, window sills, blinds, tracks and screens are dusted and cleaned. Baseboards and doors are also cleaned.


All horizontal surfaces and closets are wiped and cleaned. Dusting of corners, baseboards, window sills, blinds and tracks is done.

Living/Dining area

Baseboards, fireplace and closets are dusted and cleaned. Sliding glass doors are given special attention. Patio and garden areas are swept. Window sills, tracks and blinds are cleaned.

You can be assured of the best service when you hire move out cleaning services in Fairfax provided by Next day cleaning services.

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