Step-By-Step House Cleaning Checklist

Step-By-Step House Cleaning Checklist

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It is frustrating when you stumble over because things are scattered over your floor, not to mention, you frequently sneeze because there’s tons of dust around the corner. Let’s face it, you cannot handle all the tasks inside your home, especially when it comes to cleaning chores.

It’s the main reason why professional house cleaning service providers like Next Day Cleaning LLC are present in the industry. We make your monthly or weekly house cleaning requirements hassle-free and cost-efficient.

If you are aiming to achieve a spotless cleaning outcome like the professionals, it’s a great thing you came to our place. Here we are going to share with you, our comprehensive checklist for our local house cleaning service.

Hope you find it useful, enjoy! 

General Cleaning Checklist For All House Areas

Before starting your complete house cleaning action, you can turn on your lively music to spice up your energy. Why? Because you will direly need lots of them for tackling the most challenging stains and foul odor inside your home.

Meanwhile, here are some of the basic cleaning checklist you can adapt for sanitizing and decontaminating your home.

  • Wiping down furniture and countertops
  • Dusting baseboards and crown moldings
  • Mopping or vacuuming your hardwood and carpeted floors
  • Dusting your ceiling fans, blinds, windowsills, and cabinets
  • Wiping off switches and appliances
  • Emptying trash bins and disinfecting it

We are one of the authorities when it comes to spring, one-time, and move in/out cleaning services in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Our highly trained housemaids use the latest technology and cleaning products to effectively remove those pet accidents and inorganic stains in your house.

By keeping your house and office clean, you are prolonging the life and curb appeal of your valuables, furniture, and other fixtures.

Cleaning List for Your Kitchen

A clean and cool kitchen is necessary so that you will have a good eating and communication time with your guests and family. Here are the important things you need to include for cleaning your kitchen.

  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Wiping appliances and microwaves
  • Cleaning backsplash and kitchen island
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting sink and faucet
  • Cleaning your chairs, cabinets, and table
  • Dusting windowsills, blinds, baseboards, and switches
  • Emptying your trash receptacle

Keeping your pantry cool and neat provides an airy ambiance for savoring your meals while spending time with families. With our seasoned cleaners, we can seamlessly restore the neatness of your modern kitchen.

Cleaning List for Your Bathrooms

Here are the essentials you need to consider when restoring the cleanliness and coolness of your shower and tub.

  • Scrubbing and disinfecting your tub and shower area
  • Cleaning vanity tops, sink, and faucet
  • Dusting vanity cabinets, windowsills, and blinds
  • Wiping off glass enclosures and mirrors
  • Cleaning and disinfecting floor and walls
  • Emptying trash receptacles

A well-maintained walk-in shower and tub will guarantee your relaxation and bubble bath. Moreover, it will extend the life and functionality of your bathroom fixtures and amenities.

Cleaning List for Your Bedrooms

Ensure that your bedrooms are well-maintained and sanitized every day and weekly. Here are some checkpoints for your reference in bedroom cleaning.

  • Basic straightening of your bed
  • Emptying your trash bins
  • Wiping your lamps, switches, and bedside tables
  • Dusting windowsills, blinds, and baseboards
  • Wiping your mirror and cabinets
  • Vacuuming or mopping your floors

When you accurately sanitize your bedrooms, you are ensuring yourself a good night sleep all the time. Moreover, a neat and airy bedroom will guarantee your stress-relieving time in your comfortable bed.

Cleaning List for Your Living Rooms, Stairs, and Hallways

Your living area and hallways are the prime areas where your guests roam around. With that, you have to ensure that this area is perfectly clean and smelling fresh all the time. Fortunately, you can always avail of our private house cleaning package for any occasion.

In line, here are the critical things you need to include when sanitizing your living area.

  • Dusting and straightening your sofa, ottomans, and loveseats
  • Vacuuming and mopping carpeted or hardwood floors
  • Removing smudges on glasses and mirrors
  • Dusting ceiling fans, blinds, windowsills, and baseboards
  • Emptying trash bins
  • Wiping all furniture and fixtures

Checklist for Our Deep Cleaning Service

At Next Day Cleaning LLC, we also offer a deep one-time house cleaning package that fits your house cleaning cost. All our residential and commercial cleaning services are flexible to fit any budget of the locals.

No matter how hard you try mopping or scrubbing those tiles and corners, there are narrow and hidden areas that only a professional cleaning company can efficiently accomplish, which is addressed by our deep cleaning services.

In line, here are some of the critical areas we include for deeply cleansing solution:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting your dishwasher
  • Deep tile and grout cleaning
  • Vent covers and shower curtains
  • Range hood and HVAC
  • Faucet
  • Fixing small kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning your patio or porch
  • Drain pipes and trash receptacles

We are proud of being one of the most systematic green cleaning companies in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. All our housemaids are duly licensed, trained, and bonded for residential and commercial clients in the area.

We hope that this article brings light to your house cleaning regimen. Nevertheless, if you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our office today.

Need Professional House Cleaning Assistance

At Next Day Cleaning LLC, you will enjoy a cost-efficient range of house and commercial cleaning solutions. If you need our professional assistance, do call our office for inquiries, appointments, and free quotes.

Get your free estimate today by contacting us through email or hotline. Call us now or visit us on Facebook!

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