Apartment Cleaning

Apartment Cleaning

No matter how big your house is or how small your apartment is we all hate cleaning. Your tiny little apartment can somehow seem bigger when you have start cleaning it. With your busy work schedule and your social life, it almost seems impossible that you may find enough time to sufficiently clean your apartment. You may consider taking a day every now and again to clean the whole apartment thoroughly but the mere thought of the time it will take to finish all that cleaning is enough to put you off cleaning.


You may even consider hiring maid services to clean your apartment but that may be problematic especially if your budget doesn’t allow for it. Although it is possible to find affordable maid services, it may still be out of your budget. Fortunately, there are many ways for you to avoid the costs of getting cleaning services and avoid the accumulation of dirt in your apartment and minimise your cleaning time.


Organisation is the first step, organisation can play a huge role in maintaining the cleanliness in your apartment particularly if you have children running around ripping apart everything as they go along. Investing in a storage space can do wonders in helping you keep your apartment organised, one of the main reason for disorganisation is “too much stuff”. Having a storage unit will keep your apartment from being overcrowded and making it easier to maintain.


Instead of an open laundry basket, maybe try a laundry basket with a lid. This will get rid of all those clothes you usually have spilling onto your bathroom floor. Getting a laundry basket that is big enough is also key, that way your dirty laundry can be kept in a laundry basket according to your laundry schedule without it spilling onto your bathroom floor.


Dishes, we all have a habit of leaving dirty dishes to accumulate in the sink and a few days later our kitchen looks like the inside of a trash can. It’s easier to continuously wash your dishes as you use them that way your kitchen is always clean and you don’t have to spend so much time at your kitchen sink washing last week’s dishes.


From a young age our parents always made us make our beds first thing in the morning, however, somewhere along the line we lost that and can sometimes go for days without making our bed. Unmade beds are a huge contributor to an unclean apartment and it retains dust and if your bed is unmade it is most likely that the rest of your bedroom is untidy and dirty.


Although you will still have to clean every now and again maintaining the above will make the whole cleaning experience a little less strenuous and a little more enjoyable. Your apartment will have little to no dirt because you kept most of it clean and tidy throughout the week particularly the kitchen and the bedroom. The most strenuous cleaning you would have to do at this point when you do clean would be vacuuming.

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