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Next Day Cleaning LLC is a local cleaning company that offers a full range of residential and commercial cleaning services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. All our housemaids have extensive experience and training for all your cleaning requirements, such as cleaning your carpets, upholstery, furniture, and hardwood floors.

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Hardwood Cleaning Service

Every day you sweep, mop, and vacuum your hardwood floors to keep it polished and free of dust. However, it does not thoroughly remove the grime and allergens sticking inside the crevices and cracks in your bare wood flooring. It is the main reason why you need the assistance of a hardwood cleaning service.

We at Next Day Cleaning uses industrial hardwood cleaning machines such as auto scrubbers, counter-rotating brushes, floor buffers, burnishers, and industrial sweepers in deeply extracting the dirt and allergens sticking inside the wood grains.

Through our rigid training and specialized cleaning protocols, you will enjoy our cost-efficient hardwood floor cleaning. For our professional hardwood cleaning service, we include cleaning natural and engineered hardwood, linoleum, LVT, and laminates.

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How do we clean hardwood floors?

At Next Day Cleaning LLC, we never do guesswork in providing you the best hardwood cleaning service at a fair price. Consequently, we practice a standard procedure for polishing and sanitizing your solid and engineered wood floors. Below are the following steps.

The importance of getting Hardwood Cleaning service from professionals

Investing in your solid or engineered wood floors is a smart choice because it spruces the aesthetics and value of your property. Just like any other improvements and features inside your home or office, you want your hardwood floors to last for a lifetime, so hiring a professional wood cleaner is most ideal.

Nevertheless, for you to have a balanced outlook of the value of hardwood cleaning service, below are its corresponding benefits.

Extending Your Floor’s Lifespan

Your bare wood floor is constantly exposed to the natural elements inside your home or workplace. These elements can be dust particles, allergens, and moisture, which can all decrease the condition and beauty of your wooden floors.

Hiring a professional hardwood cleaner will efficiently prolong the life of your solid wood floors because we know the right cleaning methods and solutions to use.

Safe Deep Cleaning Action

A seasoned cleaner like Next Day Cleaning LLC uses auto scrubbers, CRB, and floor buffers to deeply sanitize and restore the glossy appeal of your solid wood floors. Moreover, we only use mild wood cleaning solutions to remove stains and decontaminate it without any damages.

More Free Time

By leaning on professionals, you are freeing yourself from this cumbersome cleaning chore, while having more time for your family, work, or business. Likewise, the task becomes more demanding when there are stains, pet accidents, and water damages present on your hardwood floors.

Fortunately, you have a reliable cleaning service to call near you like Next Day Cleaning LLC. We are highly capable of safely cleaning, polishing, and sealing your solid or engineered wood floors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to selecting the best floor cleaning service, you have the option of searching the internet or asking a referral from your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Either of the two methods can work on your part, yet still, you need to read on its company profile and customer feedback to gauge their reputation.


If you want to save some time from searching, you can immediately call us for your wooden floor cleaning needs.

If you want to achieve a professional result from cleaning and polishing your hardwood floors, you need to consider these three things.

  1. Use only scrubbers (manual or mechanized) that can spin at high-speeds yet use gentle pads. Likewise, never use acidic or basic cleaning solutions for removing stains and dirt from stuck in your solid wood flooring.
  2. Maintain an eye for details, that means using the right cleaning technique and product.
  3. Always ensure that your wooden floors are completely dried after the cleaning process.
Keeping your solid or engineered wood flooring clean and polished is never an easy task. Here are some of the basic things you need to do for deeply cleaning your wooden floors.  
  1. Maintain a daily routine of sweeping it.
  2. Mopping your wood floors is a good practice as well, yet only use those mild detergents to avoid any drastic reactions with your wood’s structure. Likewise, never allow too much water to stay on top of your wood floors as it can lead to water damages.
  3. Vacuuming your hardwood floor is an excellent alternative to mopping. Make sure the tip of your vacuum tool is engineered for hardwood cleaning to avoid any scratches or dents.
  4. We need to buff your wood floors to restore its glossy appeal. Make sure to only use soft microfiber or pads for polishing your wooden surface.
  5. Lastly, you can hire a professional hardwood cleaning service to take care of your deep cleaning requirements.

The frequency of cleaning your solid wood floors greatly depends on the foot traffic inside your home or office. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do daily vacuuming or mopping to remove the thick layer of dust and grime on your wooden floors.

Whereas for hiring a professional hardwood cleaner, you can do that four to six times a year. It will strongly help maintain the lucrative looks and condition of your hardwood floors.

Your hardwood floor cleaning service cost will depend on certain elements such as floor area, type of cleaning, additional services, company, and location. So far, the industry’s average for wooden floor cleaning service is between $80 to $120 per room, while some offer a $100 flat fee.

Further, here is an estimated breakdown for hiring a local floor cleaning service.

  • Scrubbing – $11-$31
  • Wood Stripping – $20-$60
  • Hardwood finishing – $15-$20
  • Sealing application – $15-$20

If you need a free estimate for your hardwood cleaning needs, you can fill out our request form or give us a call. For in-house inspection, call our hotline.

Let’s keep the lavish looks and value of your classic wooden floors, call us.