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If you are looking for a locally operated and owned tile and grout cleaning service, then Next Day Cleaning LLC is your best choice. We have extensive experience and training to effectively make your dark grout white again.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Despite the long hours of mopping and scrubbing your tiles and grouts, it never gets whiter and cleaner than it used to. Your cleaning task becomes more cumbersome when you have tons of small tiles to clean in your kitchen, bathroom, sink countertops, and living area.

If you want to escape this tiring chore, then you can call a tile and grout professional cleaning service provider near you. Fortunately, Next Day Cleaning LLC is one of the authorities when it comes to effective tile and grout steam cleaning process.

We use pressurized hot water and a patented green cleaning solution to deeply remove those dark stains sticking inside your porous grout.

Look for a licensed and bonded tile cleaner near you.

We use pressurized hot water and a patented green cleaning solution to deeply remove those dark stains sticking inside your porous grout. Likewise, it safely disinfects your tiles and grout from pathogens, viruses, and microbes.

Look for a licensed and bonded tile cleaner near you.

How We Clean Tile And Grout

We keep a systematic manner for our bathroom tile and grout cleaning service so that we never miss a single area uncleaned. Nonetheless, below are the procedures we do for our commercial tile and grout cleaning.

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

Regardless of what type of tiles you have in your premises, our residential tile and grout cleaning service will effectively restore its neatness and whiteness. On the other side, we also use the same process for our commercial floor tile cleaning services.

Next Day Cleaning LLC is a go-to tile cleaner both for residential and commercial establishments in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Also, we are an authority for pool tile cleaning services at a fair cost.

Before starting our porcelain tile cleaning service, we always inspect the condition of your tiles and grout. We routinely do this because we ensure we are using the appropriate tile cleaning solution for the job.

Besides, you can also avail of our tile and grout sealing and maintenance service from our professional cleaners at an affordable cost. With that, you are increasing the resistance of your porous grout from stains.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Benefits for your home

Next Day Cleaning LLC offers affordable tile and grout cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. We are doing this because we want to give you a reliable and cost-efficient option for keeping your tiles and grout clean and white.

Is it worth it to hire a professional tile cleaner? Below are the main benefits of availing our tile and grout cleaning service.

Our average cost of tile and grout cleaning is more affordable than the existing market rates. Contact us today for your free estimates or appointments.


Let us use our years of experience, skilled employees, and advanced procedures to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your family and guests.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Our tile cleaners never use bleach and other harmful cleaning solutions for restoring the whiteness and neatness of your tile and grout. Instead, we use eco-friendly cleaning products and hot water extraction for the task.

You can browse online for the nearest professional tile cleaning companies near your location. Otherwise, you can turn to us for a more convenient and trusted option.

Professional tile and grout cleaning companies have the right cleaning machine and solution to efficiently remove those dark stains and kill the bacteria growing inside your grout.

Moreover, our tile cleaning service is highly reasonable and fair in keeping your home and office safe and clean.

You have two options for this –

(1) creating a solution of peroxide and baking soda for cleaning your tiles, or

(2) hiring a local tile and grout cleaner.

You can use a paste-like mixture of baking soda and nylon brush to scrub your dingy grout. Meanwhile, a more cost-efficient choice will be hiring a commercial floor tile cleaner.

You can use home products like vinegar and baking soda in cleaning your floor and wall bathroom tiles. However, if you do not have the luxury of time and energy to do it, better call a professional tile cleaning service near you.

The rates for local tile cleaning service varies on location and the company. Nevertheless, the cost of tile cleaning can be based on the area to be cleaned or on an hourly basis.

Some companies charge a flat fee between $300-$500 for a 150-250 square foot area. In terms of per hour per cleaner, the rate can range between $30-$50. Lastly, if on a per square foot basis, the rate ranges from $1 to $3.

Based on an industry survey, tile and grout cleaning cost per square foot is around $1 to $3.

If your bathroom and kitchen tile floors and walls are not that wide, then you can opt for DIY tile cleaning. However, for medium to large residential areas, hiring a professional tile cleaner is most practical.

Never use acidic solutions and concentrated bleach in cleaning your porcelain tiles. Before deeply cleaning your tiles, make sure to sweep, vacuum, and mop your floor and wall tiles. After, use green and friendly cleaning solutions for removing stains in your grout.


Nevertheless, your final option will be hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service near you. You can contact us Next Day Cleaning LLC for your residential and commercial tile cleaning services.