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Tiles have become a staple element in every home, which you can use on your backsplash, sink counter, walls, and floors. Besides its cheaper upfront cost, you have tons of colors and patterns to choose from in the market. 

However, the main setback of tiles will be its cleaning and maintenance, since its porous white grout turns gray to black when left uncleaned. Can you clean this on your own? Yes, you can yet to achieve a brand new look once more, you’d have to tap on professional tile and grout cleaning service providers.

If you still haven’t found a reliable cleaning company for your tile cleaning service needs, then Next Day Cleaning LLC is here for you. In line, we are featuring the best advantages of hiring professionals for this serious cleaning chore.

Restores the Luster and Curb Appeal of Your Floor

Try to recall the clean sleek looks of your tiles and grouts before it turned dark. There’s still hope for it since our tile and grout steam cleaning solution will effectively lift and remove those stains and molds.

With that, the sanitation and brand new looks of your floor and wall tiles will be restored in no time. Moreover, your kitchen and bathrooms will look splendid and shiny again.

Extends the Life Of Your Tiles

What are the consequences when you let your tiles and grouts stay uncleaned for so long? You will see discoloration or fading of its colors and patterns, while also seeing visible hairline cracks that can shorten your tiles’ lifespan.

Your most cost-efficient countermeasures for this will be hiring a grout cleaning service company. Why? Because we are fully equipped and experienced in dealing with dingy and dark-stained tiles and grouts.

With our expert housemaids, we will use the appropriate cleaning solution and tools for the job. Moreover, all our services are guaranteed and backed by warranty service.

Deep Cleaning Action on Stubborn Molds and Bacteria

Our steam cleaning process is proven and tested in effectively lifting the dark or yellowish stains in your tiles and grouts. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for your kitchen and bathroom tile and grout cleaning requirements.

At Next Day Cleaning LLC, our housemaids will first inspect your tiles’ conditions so that we can apply the suitable cleaning method and reagents. Moreover, we only use EPA-approved disinfectants to decontaminate the molds and bacteria present in your porous grouts.

Safe and Green Cleaning Methods

We understand that you can use different materials for your tiles, it can be granite, ceramic, porcelain, or marble tiles. With that taken into account, we will only use the appropriate cleaning products to avoid any damages to your kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Besides that, all our cleaning products are eco-friendly, which means no harmful residues are left on your tiles and grouts after completing our task. We use the same concept and work ethic for our commercial tile and grout cleaning services.

If you plan to do DIY cleaning, make sure to use non-bleach solutions as it can discolor your tiles, especially if it’s concentrated.

Excellent Savings on Time and Money

Before you directly jump to DIY tile cleaning methods, be sure to account for all the costs and time needed for this. Serious tile and grout cleansing works can take a substantial amount of your time, not to mention the cost of renting a machine or buying those cleaning solutions.

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of this cleaning chore, then find the most reliable local cleaning companies near you. Better yet, you can lean on us and schedule an appointment via phone call.

Going back, when you hire a residential tile cleaner, be sure to ask for a free estimate for their tile and grout cleaning services cost and the inclusions of the package. With that, you have a better way of gauging things.

Further, you can also avail of our deep house cleaning package for a reasonable price. It’s an excellent and cost-efficient way of keeping your family safe and away from diseases.

Years of Experience and Continued Learning

Meanwhile, a seasoned cleaning company with more than ten years of experience is highly competent in giving you an unquestionable tile cleaning service. Luckily, us at Next Day Cleaning LLC qualifies on that aspect, not to mention all our customer feedbacks are great.

How do we do that? Well, we never fail to keep our eyes on the details of our client’s needs. Once we know the issue of your tiles and grouts, we use the steam cleaning process as it’s the best when it comes to deep penetrating action.

Nevertheless, we have other cleaning methods to apply, whichever is deemed suitable for your situation. We are always dedicated to giving you the best of our services at the best price guarantee.

Flexible Prices and Cleaning Solutions

We feel your financial burden, considering you have a handful of expenses to shoulder every month. With that, we made our cleaning services flexible and economical for you. You can quickly make a call and talk to our customer service, so we can customize our cleaning services to fit your needs and finances.

You can also make use of our request form and fill that out with the required details. After, wait for our response to arrive within 24 hours. Meanwhile, if you like a detailed proposal, then book for an onsite inspection that comes at a nominal fee that can be waived or deducted from your overall tile cleaning cost.

Call us now for free estimates or check us on Houzz!

Leave the work to professionals!

A company with a new generation of cleaning and restoration concepts is here to serve you.


“Very superior work . Arrived on time and cleaned my home extremely well. Two hard working women for three hours cleaned my home very well. I would highly recommend this cleaning service.”


Table of Contents

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