Information & Policies

Our goal is to make your booking experience as convenient as possible while providing a quality cleaning service to all our customers.


We encourage you to read the following items to prepare for your cleaning:


Arrival Time: Our cleaning teams work between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Occasionally, our cleaning crews may need to stay past 6 p.m. to complete a job. We will make every effort to meet your arrival window.

Prior to your cleaning: We would like to focus on your cleaning, so we ask that you put away your personal belongings and de-clutter any surfaces. Additional charges may apply for homes that are excessively dirty or in poor condition for initial and move in/out cleanings.

If this is your initial service, and if you were to get an additional maid on the day of service, your hourly rate per maid would be added on the hourly rate. This will not change the amount you pay at the end of the service.

Lockouts and Keys: All customers need to provide us instructions to access their home at the time of booking if they are not going to be present upon our arrival. For apartments and condo complexes, you can also arrange the key to be picked up and returned to the front desk. You can also leave a lockbox outside. If we do not have accurate instructions to access to your home upon arrival, there will be a $50 lockout fee. During the cleaning, our teams will lock the door and will not allow any unknown person to enter your home.

Safety: Due to insurance and safety issues, our cleaning crews will not move or lift heavy furniture. They will also not stand on furniture or ladders to reach any areas. We will always do our best to reach and dust/clean the higher areas in your home.

Security Alarms: Please ensure that your security system is turned off or disarmed on the day of your scheduled cleaning. If you choose to provide us with instructions for arming or disarming your security alarm, we will not be responsible for any alarms that may be set off.

Children: To protect small children from the hazards of cleaning material and supplies, we advise that you do not leave them unattended. NextDay Cleaning reserves the right to cancel cleaning appointments if your children are unattended.

Pets: Please secure your pet(s) before our cleaning crews arrive at your home. We will not be responsible for your pet(s).

Accidents/Damage: Accidents are unforeseen; therefore, we ask that you please put away any valuables, antiques, collectibles, crystals, and heirlooms. We will not be responsible for any damage that occurs to these items if they are left out. We cannot be held accountable or liable for any damages that occur from the following: improper installation of light fixtures and ceiling fans, pictures, mirrors or shelving that are not properly secured to the walls, shower doors or stove parts that are old or bent, worn door knobs, worn or stained carpeting, faded and chipped paint on the walls, any string mechanism hanging from curtains or blinds, shower soap trays or dispensers that are incorrectly fastened to shower walls, and other rotted or deteriorating items. Please notify our office staff if there is anything that requires special care and attention in your home.

Even though we will be very careful in your home, if we are dusting and wiping down your blinds, we will not be responsible for any unforeseen damages to your blinds since blinds tend to be fragile. Please notify our office if you don`t want your blinds to be dusted and wiped down.

Cancellation and Rescheduling: Please give us at least 24-hour notice if you would like to skip, cancel, or reschedule any cleaning appointment, otherwise there will be a $100 cancellation fee.

Parking: Please provide us parking instructions and passes, as necessary. If no instructions are provided, we will assume that parking is available. Parking charge will apply if there is no available space for our company vehicle. If proper instructions are not provided and our company vehicle gets towed, you will be held accountable for the towing fee.