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Guarantee we will reclean



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We provide professional disinfecting cleaning & remediation services to curb
infection in Northern VA.

We use approved and registered industrial-strength disinfectants with a broad spectrum kill claim

All infected materials are cleaned, disinfected, and properly disposed of as biohazard waste

Fully encapsulated personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face respirator masks are worn at all times by our certified cleanup technicians

We adhere to a stringent demobilization process for our equipment, trucks and waste storage areas

Home Cleaning & Sanitizing In Northern Virginia

Next Day Cleaning LLC is a great company that provides house cleaning in Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Washington DC.  We are the only single one that is dedicated for providing you in the uppermost standard in customer maintenance imaginable, we offer the finest Virginia cleaning amenities that exceed from other cleaning services corporation in the place of Northern Virginia areas. We are the one which are raising different cleaning principles in the numerous establishments using good cleaning categories. house cleaning

Cleaning vs Disinfection

All surfaces need to be cleaned before disinfection service.

Cleaning is done by physically wiping surfaces and remove visible soils.

Disinfection done by registered chemicals to wet surfaces areas.

Best House Cleaning Service

Thinking and looking for the utmost maid services is embraced by our company.  We have several dedicated team or staffs of professionals. Every workers are well trained and experts.  We are carefully inspected and examined all the cleaning areas of the room. As a matter of fact, we give you a great excellence in supporting home cleaning most especially in residential property, whether you move out or you move in cleaning amenities for the commercial areas. In fact, the Next Day Cleaning LLC truly serves to clean your house from the different areas. Our house cleaning includes kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning as well as in the carpet cleaning. house cleaning

The Next Day Cleaning LLC is very incomparable to other companies of home cleaning the.  The Next Day Cleaning LLC is very unique for the reason that they have excellent customer service. We truly outshines from other home cleaning corporations because our great masterpiece is through the satisfaction of every customers. On the other hand, our main priority in cleaning is to gain the different needs of every clients. house cleaning

We use domestic cleaning products wherein it is design to achieve all of the specific requirements of house cleaning. We really consider several circumstances when we are in the process of cleaning such as allergies and other health issues concerns. Furthermore, we will give you a convenient cleaning schedule. In other words we give you an options when they are going to start the cleaning procedure.  Actually your suggestion and recommendation is highly follow and concern by their staffs. house cleaning

Professional House Cleaning Teams

Our teams are completely insured and united to guarantee your expectation. We are also deeply focused on evolving long-lasting interactions with all the customers. We have a great values and attitudes in establishing personal method for every house cleaning required.

As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to clean the house without appropriate materials wherein you really need a lot of income to do that excellent house cleaning. Fortunately, the Next Day Cleaning LLC has very affordable expenses to consume. In addition, they have complete tools which is very suitable for the different cleaning process. They really make sure that the house is neat and clean before they live the house. Furthermore, the cleaning fee is very much less expensive rather than all cleaning agencies. house cleaning

The Next Day Cleaning LLC provides cleaning amenities which is very different from other companies. We give the highest standard team to take you from the highest domestic as well as commercial Virginia services in cleaning that you can depend on. Do not waste your time to the nonsense companies because this is main and only company that is super reliable cleaning team. house cleaning


Let us use our years of experience, skilled employees, and advanced procedures to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your family and guests.





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“Best cleaning service we’ve ever had. Super convenient payment process, email and text reminders, reliable and they do an amazing and detailed clean. Great prices too.”


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“I was extremely happy with the fine work done by Nextday Cleaning. Their professional demeanor was enhanced by their friendly manner. I will certainly be using their services again.”


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“Good job guys! They do clean the house like their own! The best…”


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Best Company For House Cleaning In Northern Virginia

Do you sometimes find it difficult to get rid of dust, debris, stains, and other unwanted elements in your home? Do you want to live in a home that will guarantee you maximum comfort, hygiene, and the neatest atmosphere with lots of freshness? Call the best company on house cleaning in Northern Virginia company for all your home cleaning needs, and our professional cleaners will be there to do the needful for house cleaning in Northern Virginia. We have been offering house cleaning services in Northern Virginia and the neighboring communities for several years and we deemed it fit to let you know that the best cleaning services providers are right there at your finger tips, with just a call, we will be there at your door step.

NextDay Cleaning is the Best on House Cleaning in Northern Virginia

It’s important to know that, cleaning a house can present a number of headaches especially when you find it hard to get rid of the dust in your window, doors, and on your rug carpet; the dirty oily stains on your kitchen tables may also present lots of hassles when you try to clean them but couldn’t succeeded. We are here in another Virginia for issues like this and it will be our pride to see that homeowners get the neatest housing environment they always wish for. House cleaning in Northern Virginia is what we specialized in and we will help you provide the best quality house cleaning in Northern Virginia for your homes in many different areas such as:
  • Furniture and electronics dusting & cleaning services
  • Bathroom cleaning services in Northern Virginia
  • Kitchen cleaning services in Northern Virginia
  • General dusting cleaning and house cleaning in Northern Virginia
  • Cabinet and drawers
  • Sinks Cleaning care
  • Windows cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and mopping
  • Removal of cobweb
  • Bedroom cleaning services
  • Ceiling sanitation
  • And more.
Whether your cleaning task is large or small, trust our expert and professional cleaners to handle that for you. You will definitely enjoy our work and even call us the next day for more.

Our Strengths

  • Quality Assurance
When you hire us for any house cleaning in Northern Virginia, we will do our best to see that you get the best of home cleaning service you’ve probably never had before. We are professionals, and endowed with home cleaning skills that can turn a messy place into a paradise. Trust us for quality delivery whenever you hire us for your home cleaning tasks.

  • Emergency Response
There are circumstances that may warrant our attention for emergency cleaning task. When such things occur, do not hesitate to call us, because we will be there right at your door step without hassles. We don’t care what time of the day it might be, all we care about is to make your living environment neat and cleaned all the time. 

  • Reliability And Dependability
We are the best when it comes to providing reliable services for house cleaning in Northern Virginia and we do our work in such a way that it will speak for us. Meaning, we don’t do a cleaning task and make a mistake, because we always get it right the first time. Have confidence in us to make your home as clean as a new born baby.

  • Integrity And Professionalism
We are honest, truthful, and always careful when we work for our customers. We only do what we are called for and we don’t temper with anything we’re not supposed to touch. If you’re looking for professional cleaners that have the best work ethics, contact us and you will never be disappointed. house cleaning in Northern Virginia
Our telephones lines are always ready to receive your calls, call us now and save your home from decaying. house cleaning in Northern Virginia

Now you know the best company for house cleaning in Northern Virginia. We are looking forward to see you…

Home Cleaning In Northern Virginia

Make your Life Easier with Home Cleaning in Northern Virginia.

Are you tired of washing the laundry while taking care of your children? Do you want to get some extra time in order to indulge yourself in wine while soaking in a tub? Then home cleaning in Northern Virginia is your answer.

What We Do

We can clean your house in no time. Our services are not limited to huge residential areas. We provide services for mid-size spaces and small space houses. We can do a complex cleaning job if you require us to do so. We just need your thorough instructions in order to deliver what you want.

We Offer Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are one of the main sources of dirt and bacteria. However, taking the time to clean them may not be worth it especially if you are busy at work. Next Day Cleaning offers to save you time as well as your energy in thoroughly cleaning your carpet. You can leave your carpet to our professionals, and it will be back in your house in no time. You can consider this as one of your great health investments.

Relocation Cleaning

Are you moving in/out of your house? Then home cleaning in Northern Virginia can take a huge load off you. We handle cleaning services for people who are about to move out. We know how to handle fragile things with care and packed those as if nothing has been touched. If you don’t want to clean your new apartment and you need help, we are here for you.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your pet and kids can make your upholstery dirty in no time. If you don’t know what to do with dirty sofas, beds, cabinets, and other furniture inside your house, home cleaning in Northern Virginia can take care of them for you. We use non-allergic detergent, and we know where to look when cleaning your furniture.

If you have some questions you can go to to get more information. If you want to see the following inside your kitchen, then give us a call today. We vacuum your and mop your floors, we clean your appliance exteriors, we scrub and disinfect your sinks, we clean your chairs and tables, we empty your trash, and we clean your windowsills. We can also add other services upon request.

Our services are also perfect if you are about to have a party inside your home. You will have a spotless home and your guest will remark on how clean your house is. If you are afraid of high rates is one of your concerns, fear not. We give loyalty discounts to our valued clients.
If you want to spend time doing what you love, hire us now. We are here to help you with the complicated task of home cleaning. We are here to meet your needs and you won’t have to worry about specks of dust or dirty carpets anymore.

The Best House Cleaning Services In Northern Virginia

Hosting a party is always a good idea, excellent even, but that’s until all the guests go away and then you get to see the clarity of just how much disarray has been left behind. You don’t necessarily need to host a party for your house to be a mess, it could result from small messes that you keep postponing to clean up like a few clothes on the chair that you say you’ll fold, the dirt on the floor you keep kicking out of the way with the promise to clean the following day or the dust you keep ignoring.

Little by little you find that your house needs cleaning that may seem to be too much work for one person. You could also be one of those really busy people who don’t have much time to spare on chores and you therefore need someone to help you get a hold of the cleanliness around your house. It doesn’t have to be houses only, if your office building is in a sad state of uncleanliness or you just need someone to clean up your newly completed construction in preparation for occupation, you might just need a dependable cleaning service.

Lucky for you, if you get on your phone or computer in and around Fairfax, VA and key in the words looking for detailed house cleaning near you because Next-day cleaning will definitely pop up.

Just like the name suggests, we’ll be there the following day just like your regular housekeeper would and turn your house inside out till it’s spotlessly clean. We have the most skilled and experienced staff who have access to all the necessary equipment and cleaning material that may be required to leave your house smelling and looking like an expensive hotel lobby.

We acknowledge the importance of a clean space in giving you the peace of mind and restfulness that comes with everything being spick and span and we therefore endeavor to give you nothing less. We offer a range of services that range from moving in or out, regular house cleaning, upholstery cleaning, deep house cleaning and carpet cleaning.

We offer the best house cleaning services in Northern Virginia. In addition, we recognize that the devil is in the details and what may seem clean may not always be so. For that reason, we take our time and carry out a detailed house cleaning that covers all the bases within the shortest time possible. Whatever your cleaning needs are, we are well equipped to ensure that you get nothing short of the absolutely clean in line with our excellent customer satisfaction agenda.

We do not hide the fact that we aspire to impress and that is why we offer affordable services accompanied by the best cleaning deals that you will find anywhere in Fairfax. This is also why the next time you are looking for a detailed house cleaning company, Next-day cleaning should be your go to company.
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