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The pandemic outbreak of the corona virus has terrorized and crippled the businesses and normal life of the people in all parts of the globe. It is a serious threat to the many lives of the innocent people in every nation, which changed our perspective in cleaning and disinfecting our homes and offices.

Corona virus is highly contagious and is transmitted via droplets which are carried in the air. This is the main reason why there is a distance of six feet from one person to another. Moreover, this novel coronavirus can thrive and survive on metallic, plastic, and organic surfaces in your homes and buildings.

Taking all these things into consideration, we at Next Day Cleaning LLC have taken a great leap in making our professional cleaning services effective and accurate in eliminating this virus in all surfaces and sections of your commercial and residential establishments.

Professional, Licensed and Bonded Cleaning Services

Our well-trained cleaners are fully equipped with the proper attire, cleaning tools, green cleaning solutions and skills to take down and kill these bacteria and viruses. Our house maid cleaners will wear the appropriate PPE to protect themselves and your premises from possible contamination.

We shall thoroughly follow all the guidelines imposed by the CDC, OSHA, and EPA for the proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures of residential and commercial establishments.

All added details and procedures in our cleaning and disinfection processes are patterned from the Interim Guidance for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection for U.S. Households with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Moreover, all our seasoned cleaners are licensed and insured to carry out our state-of-the-art cleaning services for your residence and business buildings. With us, you are safe and confident of being in good hands.

Proper Cleaning and Disinfection of Hard Surfaces

We are going to wear full-gear PPE and disposable latex gloves for cleaning your non-porous hard surfaces. Our cleaners will observe the guidelines of CDC in removing the dirt and soils on your hard surfaces. Likewise, we are going to use EPA accredited eco-friendly disinfectants as a final touch for killing the Corona virus and bacteria on these surfaces.

Gentle and Effective Cleaning and Disinfection of Soft Porous Surfaces

These soft and porous surfaces include your draperies, area rugs, and carpeted floors. When left uncleaned and moist, it becomes a good breeding ground for various pathogens and the novel coronavirus.

Our licensed and experienced cleaners will thoroughly clean and disinfect these surfaces based on the guidelines recommended by the CDC and OSHA. We have the proper knowledge on how to efficiently clean soft porous surfaces without damaging fiber or textile quality and construction.

For your area rugs and carpets, we can do an array of cleaning methods but the best is the hot water extraction process. Bacteria and viruses will be killed due to the pressurized hot water used to dissolve all dirt and grime sticking on the fibers.

After deep down cleaning is done, we will use EPA-licensed green disinfectants to kill any traces of the novel coronavirus left in your soft and porous surfaces.

Careful Cleaning and Disinfection of Electronics

The different electronic appliances and devices in your home, apartment, and offices are also a good place for the novel coronavirus to thrive. These electronic items that we are going to clean and disinfect include keyboards, mobile phones, remote controls, optical mouse, switches, appliances, and touch screen monitors.

Our well-versed cleaners are going to use the suitable cleaning tools and disinfectants approved by the EPA and CDC for the cleaning and disinfection of your electronic devices and surfaces.

Cleaning and Disinfecting High Touch Common Areas and Surfaces

Considering that the novel coronavirus is also usually transmitted via hands, we are going to take a close examination, cleaning and disinfection of the high-touch surfaces and areas in your homes and working spaces.

Some of the typical areas that fit this criteria include doorknobs, switches, ATM machines, tables, chairs, sinks, faucets, and more. Our seasoned cleaners will bring the appropriate cleaning tools and green cleaning agents to effectively dissolve and kill all sorts of pathogens, microbes, and viruses present on these surfaces and areas in your residence and commercial spaces.

All-Around Cleaning and Disinfection Service to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic

Next Day Cleaning LLC provides affordable and innovative ways of cleaning and killing the germs and viruses in your homes and business areas. We have fully updated our cleaning practices abiding the rules and guidelines imposed by CDC, OSHA, and WHO.

Aside from our years of experience, we also perform workshops and training on the proper ways of cleaning and disinfecting suspected and confirmed areas where the novel coronavirus is present.

Eco-Friendly and EPA-Approved Cleaning and Disinfecting Products

We always look at the safety and welfare of our customers when we do deep down cleaning and disinfection in their house, apartments, and offices. In line, we only use EPA-accredited cleaning agents and disinfectants for our premier lines of cleaning services.

These cleaning products are friendly to the environment, your pets, and children. It does not leave any harmful and irritating residues on the fabrics, textiles, and surfaces of your residence and commercial building.

Affordable Cleaning and Sanitation Services

It is our passion and mission to provide effective and systematic cleaning and disinfection services to fight any pandemic issues on health in the areas of Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC.

We have made our residential and commercial cleaning services affordable so that everyone can avail it immediately and secure the cleanliness and sanitation of their areas.

If you would like to know more of our professional cleaning and sanitation services, feel free to contact us anytime. We can also give you a free quote once you call our hotline.

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