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Your cozy hardwood floors take on various beatings every day, starting from dust, small scuffs, spills, and your footwear. All these elements degrade its beauty and glossiness, which affects the entire curb appeal of your home.

For us, the best method of cleaning your hardwood floor will be preventing those natural elements from ruining it. However, your daily dose of sweeping and vacuuming helps a lot in restoring its natural gloss and appeal.

Today, we are going to share with you some tricks and tips on professional hardwood cleaning service. We hope you find this useful for restoring the looks of your bare floors. Then again, you can always contact us Next Day Cleaning LLC for your affordable house cleaning assistance.

Basic Steps for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Here are the general steps you can apply when you are doing your daily or weekly hardwood floor cleaning regimen.

Determine your wooden floor’s finish

Grab your small knife and scrape a small hidden area on your hardwood floor to check its finish. 

  • Waxed finish: If the scraped part gets smudged and there’s no clear coating material, then your wooden floor is waxed. In that case, we do not advise that you polish your floor, rather a simple cleaning will do.
  • Polished finish: In contrast, if you see a clear material on the scraped off area, then you can polish your hardwood floor.

Sweep, Vacuum, or Use Damp Mop for Cleaning

Once you have determined your floor’s finish, it’s time to give it a dose of your cleaning regimen. A great first step for cleaning will be sweeping or vacuuming your hardwood floor. With that, you can remove piles of dust, pollens, pet hairs, and loose fabrics on your flooring.

Afterward, you can use a damp mop to make a second run through with your bare floor. Take note, it’s a damp mop and never a soaking wet one, for water is the greatest nemesis of your hardwood floor.

Meanwhile, for our hardwood floor deep cleaning service, we use powerful equipment to make our cleaning process highly efficient and robust. 

Wax or Polish Your Hardwood Floor

Recall step 1 where we determine your floor’s finish, and then apply the suitable action. If your hardwood floor has been applied with wax or any penetrating floor treatment solution, then do the same thing again.

In contrast, if your floor has a polished finish, then it’s more appropriate to polish it using a polyurethane-based solution.

In line, when you are doing either of these things, we highly recommend that you start from the farthest part of your main entrance door. In doing so, you are avoiding any re-contamination on the polished or waxed floor area already. 

Further, make no mistake of splashing any polishing solution to your baseboard as it can stain them. 

Give Your Hardwood Floor A Break

Once you’re done with waxing or polishing, it’s only right to give your floor a break. Why so? Well, that’s to let your polishing agent or wax sit and have enough time for absorption. 

Moreover, when no one’s passing over, you’ll have a lesser headache for a redo with your cleaning process.

Have Some Rugs, Carpets, or Shoe Rack Placed Near Your Doors

Prevention is always far better than cure, so you need to place an area rug or shoe rack near your door to reduce soils and dust scattered all over your wooden floor.

Meanwhile, you can also cover your hardwood floor with wall-to-wall carpets to have an extra layer of protection from spills, pet accidents, and hairs. You can go for this idea for your high-traffic areas (like your kitchen and living room).

Things To Look Out and Apply for Your Hardwood Floor

  • Always use appropriate cleaning products for your hardwood floor to avoid damages. This is the best rule of thumb we follow for our professional hardwood cleaning service. Meanwhile, you can just use a neutral or mild dish soap solution for your daily cleaning action.
  • Make sure to only use the right amount of wax and polishing agent for your wooden floor for you to avoid any slippage incidents.
  • To avoid dulling out your glossy hardwood floors, make sure to avoid using a highly basic cleaning solution.
  • Avoid using vinegar for cleaning your wooden bare floor as it can also cause dullness.

Tricks for Removing Stains on Your Hardwood Floor

Here are some helpful tips that you can adopt for removing light stains on your wooden bare floors. If the stain stays, it is best to call for a professional cleaning company like Next Day Cleaning LLC for your hardwood cleaning service.

  • Stains from pet accidents: You can use a No. 000 steel wool for lightly scrubbing the stained part, and then apply wax. If the stained area is still dark, then apply a small amount of vinegar or diluted bleach to lighten it.
  • Heel marks: Lightly scrub the heel marks with No. 000 steel wool, then apply wax.
  • Oil-based stains: Use soft microfiber and neutral soap solution on the stained area. After, rinse with small water and wipe dry with a clean rug.
  • Watermarks: Gentle scrubbing using fine steel wool or sandpaper on the area with a water stain, then apply the right amount of wax to restore your wood’s natural hue.

Looking For A Reliable Hardwood Cleaning Service?

At Next Day Cleaning LLC, we keep our delighted homeowners and businessmen fully satisfied with our cleaning services, especially on your lucrative hardwood floor. We routinely do that by never missing out on a single detail with your cleaning needs and matching that with our best practices.

If you need a free quote from us, don’t hesitate to fill out our request form or give us a call right away. Meanwhile, you can also get a detailed proposal by requesting an onsite inspection which comes at a nominal fee that we can deduct from your total billing.

Get your free estimate by calling us at your convenient time or you can check us out on Yelp

Leave the work to professionals!

A company with a new generation of cleaning and restoration concepts is here to serve you.


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