How Much Do Apartment Cleaning Services Cost this 2022?

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Whether you are moving in or out of your apartment or condo, you will direly need assistance with your professional apartment cleaning requirements. Most rental properties will require you to leave your space clean and tidy, for you to withdraw your safety deposit. 

Meanwhile, for those moving in to their new apartment, it will be beneficial for the health of you and your loved ones when the place is fully sanitized and disinfected before occupancy. 

Alongside this, we understand that you also care about the price of cleaning new apartment in your neighborhood, so we are writing this article for you. Without further delay, let’s dive into our guide for the estimated costs of availing professional cleaning services.

What’s the Average Apartment Cleaning Prices for 2021?

Based on the industry’s rates, the approximate price for your one time apartment cleaning service is between $75 to $140+ for a 1-bedroom and 1-bathroom size. Meanwhile, for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment size, the price starts at $135 to $140.

Be sure to check if the company is giving you a binding or non-binding free estimate to protect you from any hidden charges. Also, check if they have the certifications and permits to operate in your town.

How much is the Rate for Add-ons?

Don’t be fooled if a certain cleaning company gives you very cheap rates for your full apartment cleaning because there can be hidden rates after the service. Alongside this, here is a price list for the typical add-on services most customers avail for their move in/out apartment cleaning needs.

  • Oven – $20-$50
  • Laundry – $5-$20 for one load
  • Cabinet interiors – $20-$50
  • Carpet cleaning – $0.20-$0.40 per sq.ft.
  • Cleaning wooden furniture and fixtures – $20-$40
  • Refrigerator – $20-$80
  • Windows and glass surfaces – $50

Nevertheless, you can always ask us or any local cleaning company for our apartment cleaning price list today.

What are the Standard Inclusions In Your Apartment Cleaning Package?

Technically, it will depend on the cleaning company you are asking for or hiring, yet here are the basic things you can expect from a professional apartment cleaning package. 

  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen island and vanity tops
  • Sink and faucet
  • Mirrors
  • Vacuuming and Mopping

When your local cleaner gives something like this for a reasonable price, then it’s a good deal already. If you choose us Next Day Cleaning LLC, then you can give us a call to ask for our price list and free estimate.

How Much is the Estimated Hourly Rate for Apartment Cleaning?

Besides paying on a per room or square foot basis, hourly rates are also feasible for smaller apartments. With that, the approximate standard hourly rates for apartment cleaning is between $30 to $50. 

If you want your housemaid to tackle various tasks, then the hourly price can rise to $90 to $195 per hour. Overall, you need to have a clear negotiation with your cleaning service provider and the inclusions for their service.

How Much for Move Out Apartment Cleaning Service?

Whether the rented space is vacant for quite some time or not, the estimated rate for apartment move out cleaning is between $100 to $355. The larger the room size, the higher will be the cost since it entails more effort and areas to sanitize and disinfect.

What’s the Running Price for Cleaning Condos?

Typically, a condo is larger than an apartment room, where its average room size is 1200 square feet. Based on the market, a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom condo cleaning ranges from $110 to $200. 

How Much is the Standard Rates for Apartment Cleaning Service?

So far, the market average rate for local apartment cleaning is between $75 to $140 excluding the add-ons since you need to request that beforehand. Moreover, we have included a price list for the standard rates for cleaning your apartments for 2021.

  • 1-bed, 1-bath  = $65 to $95
  • 1-bed, 2-bath = $85 to $110
  • 2-bed, 1-bath = $90 to $125
  • 2-bed, 2-bath = $100 to $135
  • 3-bed, 2-bath = $140 to $180
  • 4-bed, 2-bath = $140 to $200

If you still haven’t found a reputable local residential and commercial cleaning company to lean on, then call us Next Day Cleaning LLC. We can give you the best price offer that fits your budget.

Average Cost for Deep Cleaning Service

Deep cleaning for apartments is recommended on two circumstances

  • You are moving into a new space and you want to make sure it’s hygienic and fresh.
  • If you are leaving your apartment in a filthy condition that’s tedious for DIY move out cleaning.

Based on the market, the running rate for an apartment deep cleaning package is between $110 to $170. If you request add-on services, then the price can go anywhere between $220 to $500+.

Meanwhile, here is an updated price list for apartment deep cleaning services for 2021.

  • 1-bed, 1-bath = $95-$130
  • 1-bed, 2-bath = $100-$165
  • 2-bed, 1-bath = $125-$180
  • 2-bed, 2-bath = $140-$200
  • 3-bed, 2-bath = $185-$285
  • 4-bed, 2-bath = $205-$400

What To Expect from Deep Cleaning Service?

For our deep cleaning service, we ensure that those narrow and hidden spaces inside your apartment or condo are professionally sanitized and decontaminated. With that, our housemaids are going beyond the norms when you avail of our apartment deep cleaning package.

Here are some of the expected inclusions for our deep sanitation.

  • Sink, faucet, and dishwasher
  • Tiles, shower curtains, and vent covers
  • Rangehood and drain pipes
  • Emptying and disinfecting your trash bins
  • Cleaning the inside of your fridge and oven
  • Cleaning your patio and small appliances

Why Hire A Professional Apartment Cleaning Service?

Moving in or out of your apartment or condo is a tedious task, which entails both time, money, and effort. Besides that, you will need to think of the new place where you will be relocating with your loved ones.

To make this experience cost-efficient for you, then you need to consider hiring a local cleaning company like Nextday Cleaning LLC to help you accomplish this endeavor with ease.

Below are the highlight benefits you’ll receive from leaning on professionals.

  •  Thorough sanitation and decontamination
  • Timely accomplishment of the cleaning chore
  • Licensed and insured housemaids
  • Guaranteed to pass your landlord’s standards so you can get your safety deposit
  • Reasonable packages
  • Customized apartment or condo cleaning service

Are you ready to prep your apartment or condo today?

Call us anytime for inquiries, free estimates, and booking appointments or you can always check us on Twitter!

Leave the work to professionals!

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