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People come and go from one place to another, and there are a lot of reasons behind it. Typically, you relocate to another city or suburb because you got a better job or business opportunity in that place.

Regardless of your reasons, availing local move out cleaning is highly important so that you can efficiently get your safety deposit. In line, Next Day Cleaning LLC is one of the go-to professional move out cleaning services in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

In this read, we are going to share with you a comprehensive guide for the critical areas that need serious cleaning before you finally move out of your house, apartment, or condo. Continue reading to find out more.

Ceilings and Crown Moldings

Technically, there are different strategies we can take in starting to clean your apartment or house, yet starting with the upper areas is the common option. With this, those specks of dust that aren’t sucked by the vacuum will drop to your floors for easier vacuuming.

Our crew will use various tools such as long-stem brooms or high-ceiling vacuum cleaners for efficiently removing dust piles and cobwebs in your ceilings, crown moldings, and ceiling fans.

At Next Day Cleaning LLC, we make sure you get the best home move out cleaning service at an affordable price.

Windows and Blinds

Our house cleaning personnel only uses green window glass cleaners for removing those dust, soil, and grease sticking on windows and frames. To avoid any scratches on your glass window panes, we only use soft microfiber (lint-free) in wiping off debris and dirt. 

Likewise, we will also clean your window locks, handles, and sliding tracks. Also, we got you covered for sanitizing your blinds from dust and soils.

Furniture and Upholstery

Our highly trained and experienced staff knows the essential cleaning protocols for the sensitive fabrics of your upholstery and wooden or leather furniture. Our standard steps for sanitizing and disinfecting your furniture and upholsteries are the following:

  • Inspection
  • Preparing the area for cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-treatment or spotting of stains
  • Soil extraction
  • Final spotting
  • Drying
  • Final assessment

We follow these strict guidelines for our commercial and residential move out cleaning packages. Meanwhile, we offer the five best methods for your sofa cleaning requirements which include the following: hot water extraction, carbonation, chemical cleaning, foam, and dry sofa cleaning process.

Cabinetry, Sinks, and Countertops

Your kitchen and vanity cabinetry is also a good magnet of dust and cobwebs. Our staff will meticulously wipe down all faces and corners of your cabinets. Likewise, we are going to do the necessary repairs and refinishing upon your request.

Going to your kitchen and vanity sinks, it is a good breeding ground of bacteria, molds, and mildews when left uncleaned for several hours. Consequently, our cleaning staff will use mild cleaning solutions and disinfectants to soften that dirt while decontaminating it.

Floors, Baseboards, Tiles, and Grout

Besides your sink and ceiling, it is also challenging to clean your floors and baseboards. However, a professional move out deep cleaning service knows the vital steps in making this efficient and seamless.

We use powerful vacuum cleaners, counter-rotary brush (CRB), buffers, automated floor scrubbers, and polishers to robustly polish and clean your flooring. Further, our staff will carefully check any left dirt and stains in your baseboards, tiles, and grout.


When it comes to your elegant wool, cotton, or olefin carpets, a licensed and bonded move in and move out cleaning service provider knows the nitty-gritty details to it. We provide a tailored-fit approach for cleaning and disinfecting different carpet materials. 

So far, we have five carpet cleaning methods for the locals: steam cleaning, shampooing, bonnet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and encapsulation. Moreover, we always use green cleaning products for the removal of stains and pet accidents.

Air Vents

Meanwhile, it is also important that we can inspect and clean the vent caps of your AC system. With that, we can bring back the clean and cool indoor air quality inside your residence.

Our staff will apply the bioremediation process to decontaminate those molds and mildews growing inside your AC vent caps. 

Dusting and Wiping Appliances

To keep your appliances looking great and properly functioning, then we must remove those pile of dust in its surface and rear compartments. Some of the usual appliances we clean for house and apartment move in cleaning are the fridge, oven, microwave, range, and dishwasher.

Meanwhile, for our deep cleaning package, we shall include cleaning the interior walls of these appliances.

Bathtub, Shower, Toilet Bowl

Similar to tiles, grout, and sink counters, your tub, shower, and toilet bowl are susceptible to molds and mildews. Why? Because of the high moisture content and water in the area.

Fortunately, a professional cleaner uses the appropriate cleaning products and tools for effectively removing those yellowish stains and foul smell. We will combine both manual and mechanical scrubbing to aggressively remove those stains and rusts.

After our service, your shower and toilet area will look clean and relaxing again.

Light, Switches, and Smoke Detector

Meanwhile, with the pressing concerns about infectious diseases, your light switches, LCD screen, and remote controls are some of the high-touch areas we are going to include in our deep move out cleaning package.

Landlords typically inspect the lights and smoke detectors for any rented spaces, and they include that in their terms for your safety deposit withdrawal. Our crew will check and replace those busted lamps to ensure all are working.

Also, we are going to check the functionality of your smoke detectors for your satisfaction.

Looking For A Move Out Cleaning Service Near You

At Next Day Cleaning LLC, you will have an array of choices for your cleaning needs at an affordable price. For your free estimates and appointments, call our office today.

All our cleaners are duly trained, licensed, and bonded for all sorts of cleaning and disinfecting services for homeowners and the business community.

Get your free estimate today by contacting us through email or hotline. Call us now or visit us on Facebook!

Leave the work to professionals!

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