Cleaning Service Satisfaction: Next Day Cleaning

Cleaning Service Satisfaction: Next Day Cleaning

What is dependability, reputable and consistent? Next Day Cleaning. Next Day Cleaning has the upmost and professional maid cleaning services with a 2015 Angies List Super Service Award. Not only are the services immaculate and thorough but moreover the details and analytics of the company are spectacular. With 1892 locations from Maryland, Virginia, and DCplus over 250 members, no customer will be disappointed! Clients can now visit the Next Day site, follow the prompts and receive a free maid cleaning service estimate. The user friendly web platform draws and attracts new and reoccurring customers in however the service retains them all.

Variety of Cleaning Services

Next Day Cleaning offers four main services to buyer’s seeker to live in a fresher and cleaner environment. The services are house cleaning, move in/out cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Depending on the client’s needs, a house cleaning service from one of Next Days maids, can either be the scrubbing of a large or small space.

Next Day offers hefty and minor house cleaning services and will also send out one to four maids depending on the type of job. The second maid cleaning service offered would be the move in/out cleaning service. Customers are either moving into a new home or out of a pervious business. Either way, Next Day will provide maids for this service and will be extremely thorough leaving the area spotless and in a cleanly manner. Many maid cleaning service companies do not offer carpet cleaning. However Next Day does! Maintaining a clean carpet is beneficial for all those living in the home.

Some of the benefits would be a healthier hygienic and fresh life style. To get a quote for this the customer can simply go on the web site and follow the prompts for a free estimate. Lastly, upholstery cleaning is coming back in style. There can be many scenarios where furniture gets damaged. Either from normal wear and tear, animals, children, etc. furniture will always need to be up kept. Why go through the motions of buying new when furniture’s value always declines by 20% the moment it is purchased? Keeping expensive furniture neat and tidy will prove to be a better investment in the long run as well.

Deep Cleaning House Special

Whether a customer requires four hours to eight hours of deep cleaning Next Day has specials and deals for the buyer’s needs. These deals raise roughly thirty-seven dollars per tear. With additional maid helped required if needed, these specials are hot off the deal press right now! Every additional hour there will be a seventy dollar charge. However, the customer might request extra cleaning for a particular room, which is “A-OK”. After a long day of work, the last hard working activity would be to clean house. So let Next Day do the work with guaranteed affordable pricing!

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Omer Faruk Cevikol

Omer Faruk Cevikol is the owner of Next Day Cleaning. He aims to deliver the best cleaning services along with his dedicated team and the author of Next Day Cleaning blog. You can find Omer on LinkedIn and Instagram.