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The dream is to get a big house with a beautiful yard and spacious backyard to cater to those weekend barbeques you have been dreaming about since you were 16 years old.


The one thing we hate about these dream houses that has been unavoidable since our childhood is cleaning the house. Cleaning house is one of the most dreaded chores for anyone. No matter how menial the dirt around your house may be, cleaning your house can feel like a long, never ending and torturous journey. Most of the time, because of all the in between breaks you need to take, cleaning is a whole day event.


Ideally cleaning should only take a few hours out of your day off and or weekend, thereby, still giving you optimum time to do other items on your do to do list. This might seem highly impossible but there are ways in which you can cut cleaning your house time in half.


Starting off with a system, always cleaning the same way from the same starting point each time has been known to cut down your cleaning time significantly. You remove the constant up and down from your usual cleaning routine. This will make cleaning faster for you and it will routine for you to start at one point and end at another.


Always start cleaning from the top to bottom. It is useless to start cleaning the floors without dusting the tables, the ceiling and or curtain rails. Cleaning from top to bottom and left to right eliminates double cleaning and or missing specific areas.


When cleaning your windows, it is best to invest in a squeegee, using a cloth to clean leaves streaks which then require another cloth preferable a lint free cloth that inadvertently adds more time to cleaning your house.



Like any other task, preparation is key. When you intend to clean, it is best to prepare cleaning your home materials and equipment before you begin, that way you don’t have to constantly go up and down.


Be proactive in your cleaning, prevention is usually better. For example, if you spray the shower walls and or bath tub with the shower and or bathroom cleaner every day after usage this can prevent the build-up of grime and scum.


Vacuuming in straight lines speeds up the vacuuming process instead of vacuuming in random patterns which increases the likelihood of missing areas.


Cleaning often, the best way to eliminate hours of your cleaning is to clean as often as you can. This eliminates the needs for the long and torturous thorough deep cleaning.


The best and most advisable route to take is not to make cleaning an occasionally event. Cleaning regularly will make cleaning much easier and more manageable like the bathroom and kitchen. These two areas usually take the most time to clean as they are more susceptible to dirt build up and regular cleaning will make cleaning these areas quick and effortless which will make cleaning more enjoyable and quicker.

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Table of Contents

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