How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost?

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If you have some sort of a business that needs a good and thorough cleaning, you might be wondering about the prices for commercial cleaning. There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to commercial cleaning prices, but finding out what you can expect to pay is critical.

The cost of commercial cleaning services can vary widely depending on where your business is and how large of a space you have. Finding the commercial cleaning cost in your area can help you make a budget and get ready to have your business cleaned.

To help you understand more about the commercial cleaning services cost you can expect to pay, our experts have created this guide. You can use this to learn more about commercial cleaning pay rates and decide which services fit into your business plan.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

There are various services that a cleaning company can perform, but a commercial cleaning is one that is designed specifically for the needs of businesses. A commercial cleaning often involves working around the business hours of a company so you can keep working without interruptions.

Cleaning companies understand how difficult it can be for a business to find time for a cleaning, so the cleaning service makes special efforts to help businesses. They can even work during the night so that there will be no chance of having a conflict with employees or customers. 

You can work with a cleaning service to do any commercial related cleaning that you need performed. They can even clean large floors like those seen in a factory, if the right safety protocols are followed to keep cleaners healthy.

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

The average rate for a commercial cleaning service is about $32.50 per hour per employee who needs to work. For a larger business that needs their cleaning done quickly, this could easily involve up to five employees working simultaneously. 

You might also find different rates if you want to work with a cleaning service on a regular basis, say once per week or once per month. Then you might receive a discount and the hourly wage per employee could go as low as $18 per hour. 

If you have a very special job that needs to happen overnight or on short notice, you can expect to pay more for commercial cleaning services. The rate for a special commercial cleaning could be as high as $50 per hour.

Type Of Cleaning

You might expect to find different rates depending on what type of business you run and what type of cleaning you need. Often you can think of the rates as deep cleaning rates, which is more expensive, and light cleaning rates which will cost less.

A deep cleaning might entail cleaning floors with a floor cleaner and cleaning bathrooms. For a deep cleaning in a small store you would expect to pay anywhere from $80 up to $200.

Then there is light cleaning which would be simple vacuuming and dusting of an office space. This could cost you from a low end of $50, up to as much as $150.

Property Type And Commercial Cleaning Rates

You are going to pay a different rate depending on what type of commercial property you want to have cleaned. Some property types where there are many hazards like a waste dump might require a special cleaning service with liability insurance that comes at a higher rate.

If you have an office setting you can expect to pay a normal commercial cleaning rate, but a cleaning service won’t want to clean any employees personal space. You Can expect them to clean common areas like hallways, break rooms and bathrooms.

Industrial settings are the most difficult type of property to have cleaned by a service, and you may need to find a company with certain qualifications to clean an industrial space. You can expect that an industrial type of cleaning could cost a lot more than an office.

Location Of Your Business

The area where you do business and the demand for commercial cleaning services will play a major role in the price of commercial cleaning you end up paying. If you operate your business in a high cost of living area, you could end up paying significantly more for commercial cleaning services.

The pay of the commercial cleaners will depend on the minimum wage in your area. Professional commercial cleaners demand a certain percentage higher pay than the minimum wage, usually about 40% more because it is skilled work and demanding.

There is also the possibility that your business is located in an area with many other businesses seeking the same commercial cleaning services you are. This raises the price you can expect to pay for commercial cleaning services because the demand is higher.

What Can You Expect A Commercial Cleaning Service To Do?

A reputable commercial cleaning service is capable of performing many cleaning duties for your business. Some of the things that you might expect a commercial cleaning service to do for your business include:

  • Clean floors- This service could include dry cleaning like sweeping or vacuuming, and wet cleaning with a mop or a cleaning machine.
  • Hallway Cleaning- If you have dirty hallways or walkways in your business, you can ask a cleaning service to clean them.
  • Bathrooms- A cleaning service is well equipped to clean a bathroom and you can ask them to do it for you.
  • Windows- Some commercial cleaning services can clean interior windows, but outdoor windows could be another story that you would need to hire another company to do.
  • Break Rooms- If your business has a break room, even including a kitchen, a commercial cleaning service can take care of the cleaning for you.

You can inquire with the cleaning service of your choosing to learn more about what types of cleaning they can perform for your business. Sometimes cleaning services are quite flexible, sometimes they are not.

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Table of Contents

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