Differences between Residential Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

Differences between Residential Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

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It may sound similar,  residential and commercial cleaning services, but there is a distinct difference between these two. Do you know what it is? They employ parallel cleaning tasks but the intricacy of skills and equipment used are one of the main highlighted differences.

For further understanding, below are the comparison between commercial and local residential cleaning services.

Area Coverage

Residential Cleaning

Your local residential cleaning service will just cover cleaning requirements on the household level. Typically, this includes vacuuming the floor and carpets, wiping countertops, emptying and disinfecting trash bins and more. Nevertheless, there is a slight variation from the services offered by each specific residential cleaners in your area.

Commercial Cleaning

In contrast, commercial cleaning service covers offices, buildings, stores, and other business establishments in the area. The tasks under this are parallel with professional residential cleaning with a more advanced level on the skills, cleaning solutions, and equipment used.

Skills and Cleaning Equipment

Residential Cleaning

They typically use the usual cleaning solutions and equipment for spring or deep cleaning your house. Some of these things include spray disinfectants, vacuums, feather duster, soft towel, gloves, masks, toilet brush, and more.

The level of skills for most residential cleaners is just at the minimum with no annual training required to update their skills. Nevertheless, they still have the experience to teach them the appropriate and efficient ways of cleaning your home.

Commercial Cleaning

Meanwhile, most commercial cleaning companies have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and green cleaning products that are not readily accessible for most homeowners. Why? Because renting this equipment is costly and never practical for one-time use only at the homeowner’s level.

All of their cleaners are well-trained, specifically when removing stains and odor from various materials and fabrics. This is required to prevent unexpected damage to the upholstery and things inside the commercial building.

Moreover, for your extra protection, all commercial cleaning service providers are required to have a license and insurance before they are permitted to work.

Cleaning Process and Efficiency

Residential Cleaning

Typically, most household cleaners have no standardized procedures on their cleaning process. They are most of the time left on their own to choose which place to start cleaning. Consequently, we can say they have the free hand to do their work with minimal supervision unless the homeowner would be there to directly instruct them.

Oftentimes, it takes long hours for a residential cleaner to sanitize your entire house. The efficiency and working hours will totally depend on the number of cleaners employed and the equipment used.

Commercial Cleaning

In comparison, commercial cleaners have their standard procedures and systematic steps on their services. They are able to simultaneously clean different parts of your space because they have the right number of cleaners and equipment for the task.

Efficiency and effectiveness of work is almost perfect when you hire a commercial cleaning service to clean your stores or offices. Likewise, they do countercheck measures once the cleaning process is completed.

Price tag

Residential Cleaning

The price quoted for most residential cleaners depends on certain parameters like the level of cleaning work, working hours, and the number of cleaners employed. At the unit price level, it may sound cheaper but when you want them to work more and for longer hours, the cost can go higher.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies usually offer their services in bundles or packages. For instance, they will quote you a certain price for cleaning all sections in your area that includes kitchen, bathroom, dining, living area or lounge, and hallway.

Likewise, in their packages, the cleaning specifics are stipulated such vacuuming carpets and hardwood floors, duct cleaning, and more. They will also let you choose whether you want it spring or deep cleaning action.

The price can be slightly higher than the residential cleaners, but that is for the convenience of availing a holistic package and the modern equipment used for cleaning. Moreover, the cleaning session is faster and more efficient when you hire them.

Work Schedule

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaners usually do their job during the day when the homeowners are there as well to keep an eye on them and the things around the house. It may take them half or the entire day for cleaning your house, all depends on the house area and workload.

Commercial Cleaning

Meanwhile, commercial cleaning services do their task once the working hours of the employees are done, typically at night. However, some commercial cleaners can do light cleaning tasks during the day as long as they do not disturb workflow.


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