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So, you’ve decided to hire a professional to do your house cleaning. Perhaps you are wondering what to expect from a service that does house cleaning in Tysons. You can certainly expect that the professional will clean your house, but there are other equally important factors that you should expect when you get your house cleaning done by a professional service. Trustworthiness and professionalism should top your list of expectations.

By hiring a professional cleaning service, you are giving strangers permission to enter your home. You are giving those professionals access to all of the contents of your home, items you have worked hard to accumulate. Perhaps you own heirloom jewelry, expensive electronics, artwork, family photos, and precious pets. You live in your home. You eat, live, breathe, and sleep in your home, and it is important that you feel safe while there are strangers cleaning it. Assuming you have performed your due diligence in searching and hiring a residential cleaning service, you can expect that they are trustworthy and can prove it by being licensed, bonded, insured, and vetted.

Following is a list of important qualities you should expect from your professional residential cleaning company.

They should arrive on time. Expect your house cleaning professional to arrive promptly at the time you previously scheduled. This is a courtesy you have paid for and deserve.

They should appear neat and clean. If they can’t keep themselves clean, don’t expect them to keep your house clean. Are there clothes cleaned and pressed, or are they dirty and wrinkled? Does it appear that they follow good hygiene, or do they have greasy hair and appear to be unbathed? It may sound extreme, but these are important factors to consider when evaluating your house cleaning professional.

They should arrive at your home with the very best cleaning tools and supplies. Take note of their cleaning supplies. Bottles of cleaning solutions, buckets, scrub brushes, sponges, and cleaning cloths should be clean, even new if possible. Does the vacuum cleaner appear to be relatively new and well maintained? Does it work well? Don’t be afraid to ask your cleaning professional to show you how the vacuum works. You deserve to get clean and well-kept cleaning supplies from your cleaning professional.

They should be busy cleaning the entire time they are in your home. Are they stopping to take cell phone calls? Are they taking too many breaks? Are the tasks they are working on taking longer than they should? Observe their behavior as they go about cleaning your home. You are paying for them to work, and that is what they should be doing.

Ultimately, when you hire a professional residential cleaning service, it’s important to do your due diligence. Ask questions about the company and the staff. Ask for references. Contact the Better Business Bureau to find out what kind of business record they have. Search the internet for reviews from previous customers. You deserve to get what you’ve paid for with regard to trustworthiness and professionalism.

Leave the work to professionals!

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Table of Contents

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