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If looking around your house can make you stressed, then you probably need a lot of help. Nowadays,  most of the household members are working from the office. A full-time office-based job means a hectic schedule. So, cooking and cleaning can often be overwhelming.  If you can afford to hire a professional housekeeper, it is advisable to ask for help to reduce your weekly stress. This is such a perfect solution to your problems. But before you begin looking for the best housekeeping services, you’ll need to know the specific tasks a housekeeper can do. Below are the most common duties for them and some tips on how you can hire the most professional housekeeping services.

There is a difference between a housekeeper and a home cleaner

First, you should know that a housekeeper is not equal to a home cleaner. A housekeeping service provider will help you know the difference between the two. They are both quite similar but the major distinction is the number of visits and services to be done at your home. When it comes to consistency, a housekeeper will be more present at your home. She will be maintaining the cleanliness of your home for one to the times a week depending on your needs. A housekeeper has the ability to complete a list of tasks on a daily or weekly basis. A local housekeeping service will provide a skillful housekeeper. The only thing you must do is to provide them your preferred cleaning products and she’ll do her job.  If you have a bigger cleaning problem, a home cleaner is someone you would hire. For example, you are getting ready for a big event, selling your house, or preparing for a vacation home, they can help you with one time cleaning from top-to-bottom.

Basic duties you can expect your housekeeper to do

Well, the list of duties a housekeeper can do in your home will really depend on your needs. You should initially ask yourself if there are some special needs that will not be included in the general list below (such as pet feeding and pet caring) and, if so, make sure to include those specifications in your job listing. Here are some of their basic duties.

Basic cleaning in living areas

This must include dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors in all rooms.

Cleaning the bathroom and toilet

This must be done including the mirrors, toilet bowl, showers, sink, pedestal, and baths.

Cleaning the kitchen

Must include wiping down appliances, counters, sinks, pantry, and cabinet doors.

Dish Care

Washing and drying dishes and putting them in dishware cabinets.

Bed Care

Changing bed linens, mattresses, and making the beds.

Clothing Care

Washing, separating, folding, and ironing clothes.

Doors and windows

Cleaning interior windows, as well as the doors.

Waste Management

Removing garbage and separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable wastes.

Supplies Management

Restocking personal items such as toilet paper, tissues, cotton balls, cleaning supplies, food, etc.

Room Care

General tidying up all the rooms. This includes putting away toys, putting everything in the right place, decluttering, and light organizing.

Running errands for the family

This can include simple outdoor tasks like dropping off dry cleaning and mailing important things. Make sure that you disclose this special favor with your housekeeper and provide her with specific instructions. Not all housekeepers will be willing to perform this duty because this is mostly beyond their normal duty so you must have it in your listing and address it in your interviews.

Preparing meals for the family

If this is something you want your housekeeper to do, make sure to inform her well and include this on your listing as some housekeepers may not be able to provide this service. Discuss their level of comfort and expertise in the kitchen during your interviews and make sure you get an idea of what kinds of meals they can actually make.

Tasks you should not expect a housekeeper to do

There are some tasks you should not expect from a housekeeper, including anything that is risky for them, especially those that will put them in physical danger. Make it clear that everything you want them to do is not out of their league. If it is not an area of their expertise, then you must look for someone who can do it properly. Here are a few examples of duties you can’t expect your housekeeper to do.

Major cleaning and outdoor window washing

This task requires a service provider that specializes in this kind of activity. Do not expect a housekeeper to climb on something higher than a mid-high ladder. A housekeeper may be willing to do a deep cleaning job for you, but you must expect to pay an additional amount too. 

Child care

If you are in need of someone to look for your child, then a housekeeper is not what you need. You should hire a nanny because she can focus on child care and do light housekeeping duties for you.

Cleaning up human waste

This may sound a little gross but exposure to human waste can be dangerous, so you should call in a waste removal service that pioneers with that kind of job.

Carrying heavy objects or moving furniture.

As a general rule, housekeepers will not carry anything that weighs more than a 35-pound object. This is a safety protocol and you should look for someone who specializes in jobs that require that type of physical strength.

How much you will pay for a housekeeper

There is no single pattern of the amount that you must pay to your housekeeper. This varies according to a housekeeper’s relevant experience, your location, the size of your home, the number of occupants in your house, and the services you need. During the interview process, make sure you discuss the payment methods with the candidates in a clear manner. Most housekeepers are self-employed and they cannot take credit cards.  Hiring a housekeeper doesn’t have to be a stressful process as long as you understand the general duties that a housekeeper can do. Be as transparent as possible in your job description to avoid misconceptions. Communicating your needs clearly with the applicants is the best way to make sure that you find the perfect housekeeper for your family.
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