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There is no such thing as magic when it comes to making your home spotlessly clean. When you are hesitant to hire the best housekeeping services, you can do the cleaning on your own. To help you through it, we have our housekeeping tips here direct from our professional housekeeping services.

Secure your Microfiber and New or Used Toothbrush

Microfiber performs better than any sponge when cleaning surfaces. It can do well in removing hard-sticking grime without scratching any surfaces. It is highly versatile and applicable even in the most delicate areas to be cleaned.

However, when you will be dealing with tight and small areas, your microfiber won’t be able to reach it. The best alternative to resolve this is by using a separate toothbrush for cleaning purposes.

Its soft bristles and slender handle will help you reach those tight corners with ease. Highly efficient and practical method.

Throw away old and non-reusable items

Most people don’t realize they are hoarding too many things that are no longer functional. It is best if you segregate your items first and get rid of those old and non-reusable items.

Some items which are recyclable can be sold in junk shops, you can do that as well.  Just get rid of that obvious clutter in your space because they are eye soar.

Place your cleaning materials and chemicals in one container

Just like having a toolbox, it is best if you stack all your cleaning tools and chemicals in a single container. This will make your task more efficient and familiarity with your cleaning agents and tools will be faster. Likewise, it is easy for storage.

Use Spray, Cleaners and Baking Soda

You have seen several cleaning agents sold in stores, try them for it really works. If those cleaning solutions are concentrated, try diluting them in a ratio of 1:5 and place them in a spray bottle.

If there is a stain, spray a substantial amount then let it sit for a couple of minutes. Do other cleaning tasks while waiting, then get back to them and wipe it off with a microfiber.

When tackling over greasy surfaces, using baking soda is an efficient method. You can dissolve it in water and place it inside a spray bottle. Another method, sprinkle some amount of baking soda on your microfiber and wipe it over the greasy surface.

Daily cleaning of toilet bowl, shower head, and tub

We always answer the loud call of nature every day, it is a healthy way of flushing out the toxins in our body. After flushing your toilet bowl, there will still be microbes present in its water.

When left unsanitized, these microbes multiply and can also pollute the air inside the washroom. Consequently, you need to regularly disinfect your toilet bowl to prevent the growth of microbes and air pollution inside your bathroom.

Another area of concern is your shower head and tub. This is where you take a bath and some of the germs in your body are left sticking in these areas. With constant moisture, it serves as an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

To keep it hygienic, you also need to disinfect your bath tub and showerhead.

Use the right tools for dusting

Dust is your best nemesis when cleaning your apartment or house. When dusting your cabinets, windows, window sills, baseboards, lampshades, doorknobs, and any horizontal surfaces, a feather duster is your best economical tool for the job.

It is lightweight and very straightforward to use. If you want a more efficient work, you can also use handheld vacuums or those stick vacuums with telescopic handles.

Tidy your Bed Up

This is a simple and practical first thing to do when you wake up, however, most of us tend to forget it. Shake those blankets, bed sheets, and pillows to remove dust on its fabric. Make it a habit to straighten your bed in 10 minutes.

Vacuum Carpets, Rugs and Bare floors

When you allow dust, grime, stains, and pet danders to linger longer on your carpet, rug, and bare floors, it will be harder to remove next time. Make it a habit to do daily vacuum cleaning on those areas so that dirt won’t pile up heavily over the weekend.

Next Day Cleaning

We hope you find our housekeeping tips useful and practical for your DIY cleaning escapade. Nevertheless, if you do not have enough time to clean it on your own, you can always call us anytime.

We provide affordable professional housekeeping services in the area. Contact us for a free quotation for cleaning your residential or commercial space.

Leave the work to professionals!

A company with a new generation of cleaning and restoration concepts is here to serve you.


“Very superior work . Arrived on time and cleaned my home extremely well. Two hard working women for three hours cleaned my home very well. I would highly recommend this cleaning service.”


Table of Contents

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