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The aesthetics of your office and storefront will dramatically go down when it is not cleaned and organized. Consequently, you need to establish a cleaning routine and periodically hire an affordable office cleaning service to maintain the sanitation and crisp indoor air quality inside your workplace. 

If you do not have a solid idea of how much to pay for your clean office service provider, then this article is a great help for you. Some cleaning companies charge you more than the standard, yet it is never supposed to happen when you know the essential factors to consider.

Without further delay, let’s start!

Average Price for Local Office Cleaning Service

Numerous factors are influencing the cost of hiring a local commercial cleaner, yet the standard price range for availing one is $140 to $300. If you have a 2,000 square feet office, then the highest price you can pay is $1000+, while the mid-range cost is $220. 

Always bear in mind that availing a one-time cleaning for offices is more expensive than scheduling a weekly cleaning service from any local commercial cleaning company.

Average Hourly Rate for Office Cleaning

If you have a smaller office area (less than 1000 sq.ft.), then hiring an office cleaning lady on an hourly basis is most practical. Based on the industry’s average, the typical hourly rate for commercial cleaning is between $20 to $80. 

Often, the cheaper rates ($20 and lower) will be per cleaner per hour basis. Some cleaning service providers charge $30 to $50 per hour, yet you need to ask if it is per cleaner or for a team.

Meanwhile, larger offices usually go for a per square foot basis and pay for their office cleaning needs, because it is most cost-efficient on their part.

Average Per Square Foot Office Cleaning Rates

As mentioned earlier, large offices (10,000 square feet and higher) go for per square foot charge on their cleaning requirements, where the average rate is between $0.11 to $0.15.

Nevertheless, you can always make negotiations with your commercial cleaning service provider to ask for a lower rate or discounts if you have very spacious areas for your workplace.

Average Rate for Medical Office Cleaning

In contrast, cleaning companies charge a higher rate for sanitizing medical offices due to the higher standards of cleaning and disinfection protocols. So far, the industry’s average rate for cleaning medical offices is between $10 to $40 per hour.

In catering to these clients, we observe hospital-grade cleaning and disinfection methods to ensure there are very minimal to zero pathogens and viruses left in the space. Further, we only use those EPA-approved disinfectants and cleaning solutions for sanitizing your medical and standard offices.

Average Cost for Janitorial Services

Meanwhile, the cost for paying janitorial services is highly similar when you avail commercial cleaning services. The average cost per square foot is $0.15 to $0.25, whereas for an hourly basis it range between $30 to $40 per hour per cleaner.

Factors Influencing Your Office Cleaning Cost

For you to avoid being surprised at how much you are to pay for hiring a cleaner for office, it is good that you know the essential factors which we are covering below.

Size of Your Office

As we mentioned earlier, a local cleaning service can charge you either per hour or per square foot basis. Typically, the cost for your office cleaning is directly proportional to the size of your office. 

If you have a smaller office, then choosing the hourly rate is more practical, whereas, for larger offices, the per square foot cost is most cost-efficient. Nevertheless, always ask your office cleaning service for a free estimate and its inclusions before hiring them.

Type of Cleaning Service

In general, the type of office cleaning you will have is either spring or a deep cleaning package. In terms of frequency, it can be a recurring or one-time commercial cleaning service. In line, deep cleaning service will cost more since the cleaners will be doing extra work in making sure all those hidden corners and nooks are well-sanitized and disinfected.

Meanwhile, recurring cleaning services are more affordable than a one-time commercial cleaning package. Regardless of what cleaning type you will avail from your local cleaners, be sure to ask for a free quote and the inclusion of your cleaning package.

Number of Office Cleaning Personnel

There will also be instances where your local cleaning service provider will ask you how many cleaners will you employ for the task. This can be a tricky question since you will be considering a per hour per cleaner basis, right? 

Perhaps, your first answer will be hiring only a few cleaners so that your office cleaning cost will be cheaper. Technically, it will depend on the situation, but most often, getting more cleaners will save you much time and less disturbance in your business operation.

The Cleaning Company

Not all cleaning companies charge the same rate for your commercial cleaning requirements, so you need to evaluate them. This is where asking for a free estimate comes very useful since you will have a better chance of assessing three to five companies’ cleaning rates.

Further, always ask for the inclusion of their office cleaning packages, to make sure it meets your demands. Likewise, it is best to also ask the cleaning service provider if they are giving you a binding or non-binding estimate.


There are many local cleaning services for you to hire to sanitize and disinfect your offices, medical clinics, and storefront; yet you need to be evaluative in getting the best one. A trusted office cleaning service like Next Day Cleaning LLC has cleaners that are duly licensed, trained, and bonded for work. 

Also, cheap rates aren’t always good especially if the quality of service is compromised. Make sure to ask for our free estimate by filling out our request form or calling our hotline today.

Our cutting-edge cleaning equipment and products will ensure that all stains, bacteria, and viruses are removed from all surfaces inside your building and offices.

For your inquiries, free estimates, or appointments, contact us today or check us on Instagram!

Leave the work to professionals!

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