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When you own a business or store, you can’t help but focus on your operation to keep it growing. You tend to forget other minor things in your daily business operations like your cleaning chores.

Technically, you cannot undermine the sanitation of your office or store because it will affect your credibility in the business. Fortunately, hiring a local cleaning service is one cost-efficient way of addressing this concern.

However, there are a lot of cleaning service providers in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area for you to choose from. This makes your selection process more challenging and time-consuming, so we are sharing this simple guide.

Without any delays, let’s find out.

Check Experience and Company Profile

As the old saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher”. Professional cleaning services with more than five years of experience will have a better chance of exceeding your cleaning expectations than those entry-level cleaning companies.

Next Day Cleaning LLC has more than ten years of experience in the cleaning industry. We cater to both residential and commercial cleaning needs in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Our deep cleaning services are one of the best around town because of our attention to details, cleaning equipment, and green sanitation products. Besides experience, you also need to check on the company’s certifications and registration. With that, you are more confident that the cleaning service provider is legit.

Ask For Referrals

If it is your first time to hire commercial cleaning services, better to ask for a referral from your relatives and neighbors. Word-of-mouth or referrals from people is a good way of getting an actual assessment from the cleaning company.

An excellent local cleaning service will routinely exceed their customer’s expectations, so they are more than willing to hire them back. Be sure to get referrals from trusted people, so that you will get genuine feedback.

Ask for Proof of Liability Insurance

A legit commercial cleaning service will have the standard licenses and insurance for their housemaids. Be sure to ask if the company has all their cleaning personnel covered by liability insurance so that you will have a peace of mind.

The company must insure all their cleaning technicians so will never be liable in case something happens to them during their deep cleaning service.

Ask for A Free Estimate

Most professional cleaning services like Next Day Cleaning LLC offer a free online estimate at zero cost and obligation. You can do that by filling out the request form on our website. Expect our response to come within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, you can also call and schedule an in-house inspection and quotation from any cleaning companies. It will come at a nominal fee that can be waived or written off from your total cleaning cost.

Further, you need to ask the cleaning service provider, if they are giving a binding or non-binding estimate. If it is a binding estimate, then you will just be paying what is exactly quoted by the company. In contrast, a non-binding estimate entails the actual total cleaning cost can be higher or lower.

You can give us a short call to ask for your cleaning service prices. We offer competitive rates that fit any budget.

Don’t Forget to Read The Contract

It is your responsibility to read the details of the contract before the local cleaning services start their work. Understand what is included in your cleaning package, so that your expectations are properly met.

The majority of cleaning companies offer a variety of cleaning solutions such as upholstery, furniture, apartment, and carpet cleaning services. In line, you need to know the various services of your local cleaners so you can gauge their skills.

For our carpet cleaning methods, we employ different techniques namely bonnet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, shampooing, and encapsulation. Your professional cleaning service will inspect the condition and stains of your carpets before applying the most suitable sanitation method.

Looking for A Local Cleaning Company

Next Day Cleaning LLC provides top-notch residential and commercial cleaning services in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. We have more than a decade of experience and a solid track record in the industry.

Our cleaning professionals are highly trained in all facets of cleaning protocols. We abide by the standards of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in our fight against infectious diseases.

If you need assistance with your deep cleaning services, contact us today. We also give a free online estimate and in-house inspection around town.

Call us for free estimates or check us on Houzz!


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“Very superior work . Arrived on time and cleaned my home extremely well. Two hard working women for three hours cleaned my home very well. I would highly recommend this cleaning service.”


Table of Contents

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