How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Maid Service?

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House cleaning can be a big chore that most people just can not be bothered to take on. Between the busy work week and making time for social activities, there is just not a whole lot of hours left to clean the house. 

These days many people are turning to a maid service to help maintain the clean atmosphere that is necessary to enjoy a home fully. A maid cleaning service will help you to focus your energy on doing some of the things you love in life, rather than spending your free time doing something that you do not enjoy.

You may have a certain idea that a maid service is only for the most fancy people who live in giant mansions, but times have changed and a maid service has become affordable for most normal people. To help you understand some of the costs of hiring a professional maid service we have created this guide.

Here you will find some information on how to estimate what a maid service might cost you. You can read this article and then you will have a better idea of what to expect when you decide to hire a maid service for your home cleaning needs.

Independent Cleaner vs. Cleaning Company

When you are looking to hire someone to clean your home, you will find that there are two major routes you can take. The first is to find an independent house cleaner. They will be someone who would possibly post an advertisement online for their services and you could contact the worker directly.

If you hire an independent cleaner, they will usually be a little bit cheaper than a cleaning company, because they will not normally have insurance or payroll expenses, and they may not include cleaning products and equipment. This means that you take on some of the work that a larger cleaning company could do for you. 

According to the IRS, if you pay a worker more than $400, you are supposed to give them a 1099 tax document. You will not have to withhold taxes, but you still have some extra paperwork that you may not find so easy to do. A lot of independent cleaners will not want to do tax documents, and may even ask you to pay in cash.

There is not much risk that you will have any trouble from paying in cash, but it is something that you should consider before hiring an independent cleaner.

When you hire a cleaning company, they will have almost the entire process handled for you. They will have all the cleaning supplies and will work on a regular schedule. You can count on a licensed cleaning company to have all of the necessary insurance to do the job legally and take all of the liability of any accidents on the job.

A cleaning company will be more reliable to always show up on time and able to easily change schedules because they will have a whole team of house cleaners, where an independent cleaner will only have themselves.

Independent Maid Cost Per Hour

An independent maid can cost on average from $15 per hour to $40 per hour. You can also plan on tipping about 10 percent at the end of the cleaning day. When hiring an independent house cleaner, you should also factor in that you may need to buy all of the cleaning supplies for them to use.

If you do not own a vacuum, mops and gloves, you may need to buy these items as well. An independent maid service can be a great deal, but you need to understand what all is involved in hiring someone who basically becomes your employee, and think of what that is going to cost you.

Cleaning Company Cost Per Hour

When you hire a house maids service you can expect to pay $25 per hour up to $70 per hour per cleaner who will be working in your home. You can imagine that hiring more than one cleaner would allow the cleaning work to get done faster, so hiring more than one cleaner does not necessarily mean that you will be paying double the price. You also should be ready to tip about 10 percent at the end of the cleaning.

Price Per Room

Some local maid services will charge you a flat rate for a cleaning based on the size of your house. They will do this by asking either for the number of rooms and bathrooms you want cleaned, or they will ask for the square footage of your home.

A typical house will cost between $100 to $300 to clean if it is just a flat rate. Sometimes once you get to know a cleaner, they will start to understand how much work it is to clean your house and you can work on the appropriate price together.

Regular Cleaning

If you will be using a cleaning company or independent cleaner on a regular basis, you can expect to have a discount based on the frequency of the cleanings. If you choose monthly cleaning, it could be about five percent less per cleaning, if it is weekly cleaning, you can expect to take up to 20 percent off the price. 

Regular cleaning means that the house is cleaner everytime the maid comes, so there will be less work and the service can cost less. Working with a single cleaning company with a regular cleaning schedule can be a great way to spend less and have a cleaner home.

Deep Cleaning Service

If you are looking just to have one deep cleaning, like after a party or while moving, you can expect to pay a little bit more for this service. Doing a deep clean is more work and will require more effort and therefore will cost more. 

Many cleaning companies will charge a deep cleaning fee for their first visit, so that they can be sure to get your home to a baseline of clean that then they can start doing regular cleanings from. 

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Table of Contents

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