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Your carpets are one of the cost-efficient accents that appraises the beauty in your bedroom and living room spaces. Likewise, there are various kinds of carpets based on their design and fabric construction.

Inline, not all types of carpets can be effectively cleaned by a single method only, so we are featuring the different types of best carpet cleaning practices in the industry. Truth to be told, there are hundreds of local carpet cleaners but you have to understand how their carpet cleaning services work.

Top Five Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Service

This is also referred to as steam cleaning process but it does not mainly use steam for removing the dust and grime in your carpets. The steams are generated once the hot water touches the carpet fibers.

This is the most applied process by local carpet cleaners because of its deep down cleaning quality which does not ruin your fiber construction. For a 3,000 square foot carpeted floor, it requires around two hours of hot water extraction cleaning and four hours of air drying.

For this carpet cleaning service, there will be huge truck-mounted equipment like pumps, hose, vacuums, and heater. The first step is pre-cleaning of your carpets wherein a cleaning solution is applied on the fiber particularly on the stained areas. It is settled for a couple of minutes to loosen up the spots and dirt.

After, pressurized hot water is pumped and aimed at your carpet for thorough rinsing.  Alongside, a motorized brush will agitate your carpets to supplement stain removal and deep cleaning action.

For the drying process, strong wet vacuums are used to remove large water content in your carpets, then air-dried for the succeeding hours. Dehumidifiers are also used to remove excess moisture in your room so that carpet drying is more efficient.

Carpet Shampooing Carpet Cleaning Service

This process uses shampoo cleaning solutions applied to your carpets. Likewise, there is no rinsing involved in this method. It provides effective results for cleaning heavily soiled fibers. The main setback of this process is that it leaves foamy residues on your carpets which lengthens drying time.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Service

This state-of-the-art carpet cleaning method works well on low-pile carpets. This process starts with pre-cleaning by applying green encapsulating solutions on your carpets while agitating with a motorized brush.

As the cleaning agent dries up it turns into powder foam encapsulating the dust, dirt, and grime. After regular vacuuming is done to remove these powders and the ones left will still trap dust and dirt.

The main advantages of encapsulation carpet cleaning is reduced water consumption and faster drying time.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Service

This professional carpet cleaning method is mostly applied in hotels where there is a wide carpeted floor area to clean. It comes very useful for hotels with high foot traffic in their carpeted floors because cleaning and drying time is pretty quick.

Bonnet carpet cleaning process only cleans the top layer of your carpets. It uses very little water so that the drying process is faster considering there are lots of people passing by. The main setback of this process is that dirt on the lower layers is not efficiently removed and can surface out through time.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

This is a new trend done by some local carpet cleaners wherein they use green cleaning agents to deeply clean carpets. The cleaners will use a motorized brush to open up carpet fibers and inject those green cleaning agents.

These biodegradable chemicals have micro-sponge functions that will clean up deep-seated dirt and grime. It saves a lot of water for cleaning and efficient drying process.


Those are the top five best carpet cleaning methods in the industry which efficiently removes dirt, stains, and foul smell from your carpets. If you need any professional carpet cleaning service, you can definitely count on us Next Day Cleaning.

We provide versatile, customized, and affordable carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial establishments in the area.

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Table of Contents

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