Difference Between Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Homes and Offices

difference between cleaning and disinfecting

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The pandemic issue on  COVID-19 today has completely changed the way we look at sanitation, hygiene, and cleaning. People are becoming highly conscious when it comes to various metallic, plastic, and organic surfaces as viruses and bacteria can thrive anywhere.


Inline, some people are even confused on the difference between cleaning and disinfection. Is there a difference? Truth to be told, there is only a thin boundary on the uniqueness between these two processes and we are going to enlighten you on that.


When you want to hire a professional cleaning service for your house and office, you can lean on our house cleaning maids at Next Day Cleaning LLC. We offer plenty of affordable cleaning packages that fit right and light on your pocket. Simply contact us anytime.


What is Cleaning?

Cleaning is a process where you remove the larger debris of dirt and soils on the horizontal and vertical surfaces of your home and office. By doing that, you are able to reduce the number of bacteria and germs on those surfaces but not totally killing them.


Typically, cleaning is done with the use of water, detergent or liquid soap, and cloth. Before cleaning, make sure to wear rubber gloves so as to avoid irritation of your hands from strong cleaning agents.


What is Disinfection?

In contrast, disinfection involves a higher level of sanitation where you will be using disinfectants to completely eradicate those bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses inside your home and offices.


There are plenty of known brands and chemicals of disinfectants sold in grocery stores and pharmacies in your town. Our technicians only use eco-friendly disinfectants to clean horizontal and vertical surfaces in your residence and commercial establishments.


What Areas Do You Need to Focus on for Cleaning and Disinfection?

We understand that most of you are going frenzy when it comes to cleaning your home, apartments, and offices. However, which part of your place should keep a close eye on for cleaning and disinfecting?


Our professional house cleaners will focus on areas which are frequently shared by people or family members. Likewise, these areas are also the common place where body fluids are shared by various individuals. Some of these areas which require extensive cleaning and disinfection include doorknobs, toilet, remote control, phone, sofa, utensils, plates, water dispensers, hand towels, and more.


In this time of pandemic, it is also wise to place a spray bottle of disinfectant and hand sanitizers near your door. It is a strategic idea which enables people coming in, can disinfect the doorknobs, hands, and shoes, and clothing before stepping in.


What Are the Areas Covered in Our Professional Cleaning Services?

Next Day Cleaning LLC have been in this industry of residential and commercial cleaning services for more than a decade already. We have the right sets of tools and equipment in our mobile van to deliver our custom-fit cleaning solutions on your doorstep.


The areas we include in our affordable residential cleaning services include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining area, living room and the hallway. We can do either spring cleaning, one-time cleaning or deep house cleaning regimen depending on your need and budget.


First, you need to contact us, so we can plot an appointment for the scheduled cleaning time. Our cleaning process is highly systematic and we use pet and child-friendly cleaning solutions to effectively dissolve all grime and stains in your floors, fabrics, and surfaces.


We guarantee zero pungent and irritating odor from our cleaning solutions. Likewise, no harmful soap residues will be left on your fabric, rugs, and carpets. We also got you covered for deep-down carpet and rug cleaning concerns.


If you wish to know more about our budget-friendly cleaning packages, simply contact us today. We give a free quote and its breakdown for all your cleaning requirements.

Leave the work to professionals!

A company with a new generation of cleaning and restoration concepts is here to serve you.


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Table of Contents

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