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When an office is properly cleaned, it feels like a place where you can trust a lot of important work will be done with a high level of quality. When an office is not properly cleaned, it can feel like a place where lazy people hang out and waste time. 

You can not mess around with office cleaning, it has to be done right or you may lose business and lose money.Having a clean office will make employees work more effectively and could prevent them from getting sick and having to miss work. Keeping employees healthy and able to perform their jobs is a key to the success of all businesses.

It is best to hire office cleaning services to make sure your office stays as clean as it needs to be. Commercial office cleaning is better than having employees also be the office cleaners, as employees should focus on doing the job they are hired for. Commercial cleaning will leave your office clean and ready to do business.

In case you are struggling to find the best way to clean your office, we have made this office cleaning checklist of cleaning tasks you need to take care of in an office setting. To use this checklist, just read down it and check off each task as they are completed. If you have everything on the checklist done, your office will be looking clean and you can go about your work with confidence.

Daily Tasks

These cleaning tasks should be performed daily to make sure your office is looking presentable. Messes happen constantly, so there are tasks like these which should be performed everyday, or else the messes can start to pile up and it makes everything worse.

  • Empty Trash Bins – This is important because if trash stays overnight, it can start to stink and you could open up the next day with an unattractive odor.
  • Sweep or Vacuum – Gravity makes everything fall to the floor, so when you have a busy office, it is important to be cleaning the floor everyday.
  • Disinfect Commonly Touched Areas – With a lot of people coming and going, you should disinfect the surfaces like doorknobs and counters every day to make sure that germs do not linger there and make everyone sick.
  • Declutter – This is a task for everyone in the office, always put clutter away so that the office looks tidy and organized. Business can not be done when there is too much clutter.
  • Clean Restrooms – The bathrooms are of course dirty places crawling with bacteria, so you should do some cleaning in the restroom everyday. Also make sure it is well stocked with hand soap, anti- bacterial gel, toilet paper and paper towels.
  • Kitchen Cleaning – If your office has a kitchen area, make sure it gets cleaned at the end of every day. Kitchens can get really messy with food, so you need to clean it a lot. If you let bacteria thrive in your office kitchen, your workers could get sick.

Weekly Tasks

These weekly tasks should be performed even if it looks like they do not need to be done. Maybe you leave on Friday with everything looking good, but come Monday things could change and you could find yourself behind on cleaning and looking unprofessional.

  • Mop Floors – This one does depend on the amount of foot traffic you have in the office, and may need to be done more often than once a week. If you are noticing the floor not looking as clean as it should, you may need to do a more frequent mopping routine.
    • Clean Windows – A clean window will bring so much great natural light into your office that you need to make sure they are as clean as they can be. Once a week should be sufficient for the windows.
    • Clean Screens – All computer screens and television screens should be cleaned every week. This will help everyone perform their jobs better and if you need to make a presentation on a screen, it will look a lot better if it is clean.
  • Tile Cleaning –  If the office has any tile in the bathroom or kitchen, they should be cleaned every week to get any germs off and to keep them looking good.
  • Deep Clean Sinks – Sinks might see heavy use during a work week and their moisture makes a great environment for disgusting bacteria to thrive. Clean them with a disinfectant cleaner every week to make sure they stay healthy.
  • Clean Refrigerator – If your office has a fridge, it should be emptied at the end of every week and cleaned. Any leftovers should be thrown away so that they do not start to stink up the whole kitchen or breakroom.
  • Dusting – All surfaces should be dusted to reduce the amount of dust in the air. This will make everyone feel better and the office will look much better.

Monthly Tasks

Some cleaning tasks only need to happen every month to make the office look as good as it can.

  • Vent Cleaning – Any air ducts will build up dust, and then when you turn the air on that dust can go everywhere making everything dirty. To help stop this from happening you need to maintain any vents that you can see around the office. You can open them up and vacuum too for a more effective clean.
  • Clean Office Chairs – Every employee should be cleaning their own chair, but the office should have a chair cleaning day once per month as well. Any community chairs in the office can also be cleaned that day.
  • Clean Blinds – Blinds or curtains on windows should be cleaned at least once per month. They can trap a lot of dust, and then when you use them the dust will go in the air and could irritate people’s respiratory systems.
  • Polish Floors – Floors should be polished every month to help them last longer and to make a good appearance.
  • Polish Hardwood SurfacesAny surfaces like furniture or desks made of hardwood need to be maintained regularly to keep them looking their best and lasting a long time.
  • Clear Cobwebs – Cobwebs can build up and start to look scary, so every month you need to go around to all the corners and get rid of them.
  • Clean Light Fixtures – Overhead lights need to be kept clean or they can start to make the office look dreary. Be sure to replace any burnt out bulbs as well.

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