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The outbreak of this novel coronavirus pandemic has totally crippled and endangered the lives of the people and the business sector of the country. It strikes both the health and economic aspect of the nation, which totally requires the cooperation of all people.

For the commercial and business establishments of the United States, it has done three major effects which changed our lives.

  1. Several employees were laid off or absent because of getting the disease.
  2. There is a drastic shift in consumer demands, particularly for hygiene and disinfection products in the industry. People’s consumption and shopping habits also changed due to this pandemic.
  3. There is a great delays for the deliver and shipment of almost all kinds of goods and services in the market.

For the business owners, the presence of this coronavirus is never a sign of hopelessness, as you can still do something to make your workplace safe and clean again. Next Day Cleaning LLC can be your best commercial cleaning and disinfection service provider today. We provide state-of-the-art decontamination methods which follow the rules and guidelines imposed by OSHA and CDC.

Should you need our expertise in industrial cleaning services, contact us today.

Specialized Deep Down Cleaning and Sanitation

Our licensed and seasoned cleaners have the solid experience and training when it comes to viral and bacterial decontamination for homes and offices. We have strictly adapted the guidelines proposed by OSHA in making your workplace free from the novel coronavirus and other pathogens.

We are using EPA-approved cleaning products and disinfectants to sanitize your hard, soft, and electronic surfaces in the office and building. Our green cleaning solutions are very friendly to the environment, pets, and your employees.

Once you call us, we are first going to perform an ocular inspection of your business establishment and check which are the high-touch and contaminated areas. After, we are going to secure the entire floor or working area and no employees are allowed to get in until we have finished our cleaning and disinfection service.

Systematic Bioremediation Process Near You

We never do any guesswork in our commercial cleaning services. We have a step-by-step method of addressing this concern, to ensure your workplace will be free again from the infectious novel coronavirus. Our systematic bioremediation process can be divided into five sections: inspection, isolation, cleaning, decontamination, and evaluation.

Area Inspection 

Our certified cleaners will apply the mandates and guide from OSHA in assessing the health hazard of any working space. Once we have detected the contaminated and high-touch areas, close attention on cleaning and decontamination will be placed there.

Isolation of the Workplace for Cleaning and Sanitation

We are going to agree on a specific schedule where we can isolate your office or the entire building from all employees. This is a must before we start our thorough cleaning and disinfection process. We highly recommend this to prevent contamination of your workplace again, in case some of your employees have the infectious disease.

Thorough Cleaning of the Hard, Soft, Electronics, and Textile Surfaces

Our licensed and trained cleaners will clean all the surfaces inside your office and building using cleaning solutions accredited by EPA. This ensures no harmful residues are left on your tables, chairs, and electronics that can irritate or harm your employees.

Likewise, all cleaning methods we are going to do have strictly adapted the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Decontamination and Deodorizations of the Area

Once we have completely removed all layers of dirt, grime, and soils in all surfaces and equipment in your working areas, killing the pathogens, bacteria, and viruses is the second step. All disinfectants we use are fully approved by the EPA for safety and security measures.

Our cleaners are going to use the right disinfectant and mode of decontamination suitable for your workplace. As we are doing this process, we are constantly applying the guidelines implemented by CDC and OSHA in keeping your commercial space free from the coronavirus and other pathogens.

Evaluation of the Area

Once we are done cleaning and disinfecting your office and work space, we are going to assess its overall sanitation through different methods like the ATP testing method. We are doing this to guarantee you have a hospital-grade sanitation condition in your commercial establishment.

Cleaning and Decontamination of Electronics and Networking Equipment

We are going to safely and efficiently clean and disinfect all your electronic and networking devices. These equipment include your touch screen monitors, phones, remote controls, keyboards, mouse, appliances, and others.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Hard Non-Porous Surfaces

The infectious coronavirus can also thrive in hard and non-porous materials such as metals and plastics. In line, our well-versed cleaners are going to clean and decontaminate these surfaces with EPA-standard cleaning solutions and disinfectants.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Soft Porous Surfaces

Meanwhile, coronavirus can also live in soft porous materials such as carpets, rugs, upholstery, wood, and draperies in your office. Our seasoned and licensed cleaners are going to clean and decontaminate these materials and surfaces as well using EPA-approved cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Decontamination of High-Touch Areas

Next Day Cleaning LLC is one of the leading residential and commercial cleaning service in the area. Our cleaning methods and solutions are prove and tested to work all the time and has never harmed the environment, pets, and children.

All the cleaning agents and disinfectants we use have passed the standards of EPA, CDC and OSHA. It is all made from green compounds that does not produce residues detrimental to nature, wildlife, and children.

We shall take a closer attention to the cleaning and decontamination of your high-touch areas in the office as the coronavirus have a higher chance of being there. Nonetheless, we are going to conduct a holistic cleaning approach for all sections in your building or working area.


There is a serious need to secure your working place is safe and free from any infectious diseases, pathogens, and viruses. We at Next Day Cleaning LLC have taken this matter at a higher level as well, so we are doing our best to give you accurate and effective commercial cleaning services.

If you are looking for an affordable and dependable office cleaning and decontamination service, you can completely lean on us. Call now to get your free quote or appointment.

Leave the work to professionals!

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“Very superior work . Arrived on time and cleaned my home extremely well. Two hard working women for three hours cleaned my home very well. I would highly recommend this cleaning service.”


Table of Contents

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