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There are many cleaning services, but hiring the right maid service is more challenging than you think. There are many cleaning companies out there, you’d be confused about which one is the right cleaner to hire. This applies whether you’re hiring them for a one-time cleaning or a recurring maid cleaning service. 

House cleaning prices are no joke, so you need to find the one that would work best with what you need.To make it easier, we’ve compiled essential questions you need to ask before hiring them.

Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Maid Service for Hire

How long are you in the cleaning industry?

You need to ask this question since it’ll help you gauge their expertise in the field. Hiring a maid service with in-depth experience gives you more confidence that they know the best practices in the industry.

An experienced cleaner knows how to effectively clean your home and offices with the approved cleaning products in the industry. Should you have any questions, they can accurately give you an answer since they have extensive knowledge and experience.

Are your cleaners insured?

Knowing that the company insured their staff is important. It keeps you free from any legal obligations in case their maids will accidentally get hurt during work hours. Only hire a cleaning maid service with insured professionals in that case.

Are you bonded? Do you have liability policies put in place? 

Hiring a bonded cleaning service gives you peace of mind and a guarantee in case they don’t deliver their promises, or if something is stolen or broken inside your home during their working time. If they are bonded, and they did something wrong, you can file a claim against them. But you also need to know their liability policies so that you’d know your limitations and rights for claiming any damages.

Do you do background checks on all your cleaners?

Knowing if a cleaning company screens their employees is essential. It makes you confident that their cleaners are trustworthy. The credibility of the company rests on its workers. This is one of the important variables any cleaning company must take into consideration. Once you know they pre-screen all their maids, then you have peace of mind of hiring them.

Do you have a free estimate service? 

Free estimate is when a company gives you a free quote proposal on how much you’re expected to pay for hiring their service. Knowing that they provide this, helps you better understand the value of their cleaning service.

You also need to ask if the free estimate they’re giving is a fixed or variable one. If it’s a fixed free estimate, that means you’ll be paying the exact amount they have stated in the proposal. Otherwise, the total fee you’ll be paying them can either be more or lower than what they have stated in the proposal.

You also need to see what are the inclusions in their free estimate service so that you have an idea that if you add more requests, it can increase the overall price.

Do you offer Same Day Service?

If they can offer same day service, the better it is for you. There are times when you urgently need assistance on cleaning your house or office because of unexpected guests or events. Hiring a same day maid service is your best solution for that.

You also need to ask if there’s a premium fee for getting a same day cleaning service. This protects you from unexpected surcharges from the company.

Do you have a cleaning checklist?

Most cleaning companies have their pre-made checklist for a one-time or deep clean maid service. Even for a recurring cleaning service, most companies work off from their cleaning routine since it serves as a guide for their employees in doing their job. If a cleaning company doesn’t have a checklist, then you need to think otherwise of hiring them.

Who will be coming over to the house for the cleaning service?

You need to ask the name of the people, or the head of the team, who are scheduled to come to your place to do the cleaning. This is important for security purposes. Ask about their identification, and let your landlord or security know of them ahead of time. In case something happens, you can track those people who entered your house during that time.

Do you bring your own cleaning products and equipment?

Most cleaning companies bring their own supplies and equipment. This question is important so that you can prepare the things they’ll need if they don’t have them. But oftentimes, most professionals will bring their own supplies. If they secure their own equipment and cleaning products, that gives you more convenience and confidence that this maid service is reliable.

Do you train your maids?

The cleaning industry is a dynamic field, so knowing that they constantly train their people, gives you a better assurance of their cleaning skills. Their housemaids must know the proper cleaning methods to do for different materials and stains. This is essential to avoid any damage to your fabrics, carpets, and upholsteries.

How much for maid service? 

Ask about their rates for the different cleaning services they’re offering. A trustworthy cleaning company wouldn’t hesitate to share their price list and explain why such rates are imposed. They can even give you a breakdown if you avail of their package, and maybe, add more to the package you want from them.

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We hope this guide helped you understand why these questions need to be asked before hiring a maid service. We want to protect you from fraud or unreliable cleaning services. A reliable maid service won’t hesitate to answer all your questions since it’s your right and satisfaction at stake.

At Next Day Cleaning, we are more than happy to answer any of your questions about house cleaning services. We also offer free estimates and same day service. We do many cleaning services for homeowners and businesses in the DMV area. Should you have any inquiries, call us at (202) 968-1693 / (703) 677-1050.

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