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Regular upkeep helps maintain and extend the upholstery’s longevity. This is part of every homeowner’s investment to keep your home smelling fresh and welcoming. But furniture cleaning, being done by a cleaning company isn’t that cheap, right? Worry not, as we’re going to share with you the best tips on how to save on your professional upholstery cleaning cost.

Getting your upholstery cleaned can be quite expensive. That is why many homeowners are tempted to clean them with some DIY upholstery cleaning. However, the question is are you actually saving money or will you end up spending more as it can compromise the quality of your furniture in the long run? Is hiring an upholstery cleaning service really worth your hard earned money?

If you are also wondering about this, keep reading as we debunk the different tips on how you can save on the cost of upholstery cleaningFollow these tips to keep your upholstery in their pristine condition without breaking the bank. 

Guide on how to save on Professional Upholstery Cleaning Cost


Avoid buying impulsively cleaning products 

“On the spot” buying is not good if you’re trying to save. If you want to test it out, better buy a smaller volume or a portion of it. But if you can try their sample, the better so that you won’t have to spend on untested cleaning items.

Go for a multi-surface cleaner

You can never be wrong from purchasing an all-surface cleaner since you can apply that to your fabrics and non-biodegradable materials. Be sure to read the label before buying. It would also be best, if you can choose an item that can be used on hard surfaces.

Choose a Trustworthy Cleaning Company

To get the full value for your money from the total cost of furniture cleaning, make sure to choose a cleaning business with professionals that are experts in what they are doing. They should have specialized cleaning equipment and supplies for different materials and furniture, and the skills of using them. 

Conduct a background search or read some reviews of the top list cleaning companies so you’ll have an idea of who to choose. Choosing the right company will lessen the chance of calling another company to redo the job, which means you’ll spend more. 

When there are stains, blot them right away

Stains like coffee, urine, and blood are hard to remove when they linger long on your upholstered furniture. When you do this, you’d be able to save around $25 to $80 per stain cleaning. Heavier stains on upholstery can go as high as $100 to $300.

Stain removal can add up to the average cost of upholstery cleaning. Instead of paying only $172, it becomes $252 or $300. Not all can afford to hire a professional cleaning company for their couches and chairs. It’s best if you can try to keep the clean state of your furniture.

Ask for Multiple Quotes

There are companies that offer discounts if you get multiple quotes from them. Likewise, this allows you to compare prices and services from multiple companies, and get the best possible deal. 

Hire a professional during off-season to get discounts

During peak season, many homeowners are scouring the market to hire a professional furniture cleaning service. That means, the seller of service has the leverage to increase price. That said, it’s wise to hire one during off-season since there’ll be minimal customers, and more suppliers finding a customer. You have more leverage to ask for discounts for this matter.

Clean the smaller upholsteries yourself

If you clean your chairs, bedside tables, cupboards, and other small furniture yourself, you can save more. It’s actually one of the most money-saving house or apartment cleaning tips you can do by yourself. For instance, you have three chairs and a small bedside table. By cleaning them yourself, you can save around $100 to $200. 

While the rest of your larger upholstered furniture, you can let the professional clean them for you. It takes more time and effort to clean those bulky items, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment.

Go for recurring cleaning service

Most cleaning companies give discounts for recurring cleaning services. You can take advantage of this one. For instance, if they can give you a 5 to 10 percent discount, that’s a good help on your monthly savings. Plus, you don’t have to stress yourself out from cleaning those heavy furniture.

Ask if you can provide the cleaning supplies 

You can also ask the cleaning company if they give a rebate or discount if you’ll be the one to provide the cleaning products for furniture cleaning. There are times, this option won’t work since some companies prefer to use their own cleaning products to protect themselves from damaging your property. They know how to use their products, so they can easily tell if it’s good for your leather seats or couches.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does it cost for upholstery cleaning?

The average cost for upholstery cleaning is around $172, the highest spend is between $119 and $233. This price depends on the material and type of furniture. 

Small furniture like chairs costs less and is around $10 to $80. The cleaning cost of other kinds of upholstered chairs can range between $60 to $120. This price varies depending on the type of materials. 

Generally, the cost to clean leather upholstery is between $175 to $195 on average. While for wool, cotton, and polyester, it is about $160. The cost for cleaning silk is a bit higher since it requires special cleaning tools and materials. The average price is ranging from $180 and $230. 

Additionally, the cost for upholstery cleaning will also depend upon the cleaning type, the condition of your items, number of pieces, and  location. 

How much is the cost deep upholstery cleaning

The cost of deeply cleaning your furniture depends on size, material, and the service provider. Oftentimes, it ranges between $120 to $350. If you have smaller furniture, the cost decreases substantially. It hits around $15 to $80. You also need to know if you’d need a mold damage restoration service, in order to keep your furniture in good condition, however, this could add up to the cost. 

Do I need to hire a professional furniture cleaner?

The average time to clean a sofa is around 1 to 2 hours, that’s for DIY cleaning. But for a professional cleaner, it’ll take around 30 to 60 minutes. Their cleaning service is efficient since they have strong equipment for removing dust, soap, and water, and even on your upholstered furniture.

If you need to coat your leather seats and couches, they have the proper sealant for it. Oftentimes, a professional cleaning company is equipped with advanced technology to effectively bring back the clean and fragrant smell of your sofas and chairs.

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