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Getting organized during house cleaning in Woodbridge, VA can seem like a challenge and can make you feel like putting it off for another day. Using a house cleaning checklist in Woodbridge, VA helps you focus on the task at hand and you get your cleaning done faster.

Whether you are looking for a whole house cleaning checklist in Woodbridge, VA or a deep clean house checklist in Woodbridge, VA, getting a good one makes cleaning much easier. With the right checklist for house cleaning in Woodbridge, VA you can accomplish so much!

To help you in dealing with your cleaning, we are going to share our experts’ house cleaning service checklist in Woodbridge, VA. You can use this house cleaning list Woodbridge to make your home much cleaner and do it more efficiently, just like a professional cleaner.

1. Clean The Ceiling First

Our cleaners always start cleaning the ceiling first. Getting all of the dust and cobwebs that can hang out on the ceiling is a logical starting point.

When you clean the ceiling, particles can fall down, and if you had already started cleaning below you would end up needing to clean again. Beginning your cleaning at the top will make your cleaning more efficient and effective.

This is one of those professional tips that can make house cleaning so much easier, even for an ordinary person. You don’t want to have to do double the work, so start with cleaning your ceiling and you will do good.

2. Clean Up The Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is a huge job for you to tackle on your own especially when your planning to hire some remodeling contractors in Woodbridge VA, but you can take it in focus stages and it won’t seem so hard. You can keep track of which areas of the kitchen you have cleaned recently and make sure you turn your focus to different areas at regular intervals.

Some parts of the kitchen you should clean each day or each week, but other parts can go on a monthly or more schedule. Some parts of the kitchen you can clean less frequently include:

  • Cabinets
  • Fridge
  • Pantry

You can make your life easier by only focusing on one area per cleaning session and then leaving the others for another time. You will still need to clean the kitchen well in the other areas, but you can take a little load off and save some work for another time.

3. Do All Your Dusting At Once

Taking your dusting supplies through the entire house will save you time on changing out your tools. You can bring your duster and the other things you use for dusting with you to tackle all of your dust in the same motion.

This is another efficiency trick that all the best cleaners use to make their jobs easier. You can add up a lot of little tricks of the trade and soon you can understand how professional cleaners can manage to do all the magical things they do.

4. Focus On One Piece Of Furniture Per Cleaning

You don’t need to clean every piece of furniture you have during each weekly cleaning. You can clean one piece per cleaning and your entire set will stay clean enough to enjoy and last a long time.

Furniture can get dirty, so every so often you need to have professional upholstery cleaning. But in between doing a good vacuuming and washing any spots that you see can help to make your furniture look and feel as comfy as possible all the time.

5. Clean Tables With Vinegar

The cleaning power of vinegar is great for cleaning the tops of tables where you will later want to have food and other items. The vinegar can kill most bacteria and you will get a very clean table by using it. 

It can also help to remove any stuck on dirt or food particles. The acidity of the vinegar will almost eat right into any stuck-on stuff and it will easily lift away when you pass over it with a rag.

6. Wash The Windows and Mirrors

Getting all of your glass surfaces clean can make you feel much better about being in your home. Glass and mirrors really show off spots and look dirty if they don’t get a regular cleaning. 

You can use a glass cleaning product and spray it on to the glass you want to clean, then you simply wipe it off with a paper towel. WIth some hard work you can get your glass surfaces sparkling like new and you can really impress yourself with your new glass cleaning skills.

The other option is to use only water and a squeegee. Wash the window with some warm water, scrubbing it with a soft cloth, then use the blade of the squeegee to wipe away the water, drying the blade between wipes. It can be tricky to get this technique perfect, but when you do it is simple and looks amazing.

7. Wait To Clean The Floors Last

Like starting with the ceiling, ending with the floors is the logical way to go about cleaning your house thoroughly. You can use brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners to get your floor nice and clean for walking barefooted.

If you want to mop your hard floors, make sure not to get them too wet and be careful about getting dirty footprints on places that you have finished cleaning. You can clean your feet in the bathtub before mopping to make sure that you won’t be tracking muddy footprints around your freshly mopped floors.

If you want to vacuum carpets or other floors, it is great to get a battery powered stick vacuum. They are super handy and make vacuuming so much more fun and easy, you will never want to vacuum another way.

8. Hire A Cleaning Service

No matter how much you work at cleaning, it just tends to pile up and cause stress. Getting some help from a cleaning service from time to time is more affordable than you think.

You should spend your free time doing things you love, and a professional cleaner will do a much better job of cleaning your house than you will. You shouldn’t have to suffer through cleaning your home all of the time, and it is a good idea to get some help.

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