What Is the Best Method of Cleaning Carpets?

What Is the Best Method of Cleaning Carpets

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When it comes to getting a quick lift in the curb appeal of your home’s interior, you can always count on your intricate and glamorous carpets. It comes in different sizes and styles such as Persian, Karastan, Tibetan, Chinese, and more.

Without a doubt, your carpets are a game changer in terms of adding warmth and color in your sleek and modern residence. However, the main setback of carpets is that they readily attract and capture dust anywhere. When left uncleared, bacteria, molds, and mildews can thrive in your handmade carpets.

In that case, do you know the best methods of cleaning your carpets? Today, we are going to share with you the best carpet cleaning practices we offer to all our clients in the area. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the benefits and setbacks of each carpet cleaning service.

Five Types of Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Our seasoned and local carpet cleaners have a solid experience and knowledge with all these types of carpet cleaning services. Check out its features, benefits, and limitations.

Best for Overall – Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Among the five types, this one provides the best deep cleaning action without the danger of ruining the structure and color of your impressive carpets. Our local carpet cleaners will first pre-condition your soiled carpets, so that its dirt and grime loosens.

After, we will use pressurized hot water mixed with soap solution to stir and dissolve the dust and stains from your elegant carpets. While pressurized hot water is delivered to your carpets, a rotary brush is used as well to reinforce its washing action, thereby, eliminating more stains and dirt.

Once the washing process is completed, it will be thoroughly rinsed with warm water. Then, it is air-dried for a couple of hours. To hasten the drying process, we will reduce excess moisture in the air by using our dehumidifier and remove excess water in the fabric with a wet HEPA vacuum.

The main setback of this carpet cleaning process will be its longer drying time and substantial water consumption. Nevertheless, most of our clients would prefer this method because it is friendly both for the environment and the carpet.

Runner Up – Carpet Shampooing

This process is similar when you are shampooing your hair. Our cleaners use carpet soap solutions which form large foams during the cleaning process. We also use counter-rotary brush to reinforce the removal of dirt and dust from the fabric. Afterwards, we will rinse your carpet with water until no more foams are left behind.

The main gripes about this process include the following:

  • Large water consumption
  • Some shampoo foams are left in the carpets
  • Takes longer time to dry
  • Only good for cleaning low-pile carpets

Best for Water Conservation – Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

For this process, we use a special cleaning solution which forms foams when washing your soiled carpets. After washing, we let the carpet and the foam dry up. The foam turns to granular powder form upon drying.

During the drying process, the foams encapsulate the dirt and dust from your carpets until it turns to solid granules. Once the drying process is completed, we use strong HEPA vacuums to suck all those granules or powdery solids out from your carpets.

The main benefits of this process include less water consumption and faster drying time. This is most applicable where there is high-traffic for their carpets, so it needs a fast and efficient carpet cleaning process.

Meanwhile, this process will not ensure deep carpet cleaning results unlike your hot water extraction and shampooing.

Best for High Traffic Carpets – Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

When we say bonnet carpet cleaning, it is a professional carpet cleaning method where we will use a scrubbing pad immersed in soap solution and is allowed to spin at high rpm. This rotating pad scrubs and absorbs superficial dirt and dust on your carpets.

This is a common choice for hotels where there is high foot traffic in their carpets, so the cleaning and drying process must be swift and efficient. Likewise, this method is feasible for low-pile carpets.

Latest One – Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

This is the most modern carpet cleaning method we offer for our professional carpet cleaning services. This is both beneficial for our clients and for us, because it is efficient when it comes to quick cleaning and drying time. 

Here, we use a special biodegradable cleaning powder which works like tiny sponges in absorbing dust and dirt from your carpets. Our local carpet cleaners use rotary brush in opening carpet fibers and allowing this cleaning powder to run down at the bottom layer of your carpet.

After a few minutes, we remove the powder and dirt mixture from your carpets using a strong wet/dry HEPA vacuum cleaner. Looking at it, there is better water and time savings from this process.

Oftentimes, this method is most preferred by commercial buildings and offices which like to have their carpet cleaned and dried instantly.


Truth to be told, each style and type of carpet requires certain cleaning treatments which our professional carpet cleaner knows because of the experience and training they have undergone.

If you think you need the assistance of our local carpet cleaners, don’t hesitate to email or call us anytime. We give free advice and free quotes when you call our hotline.

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Table of Contents

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