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The flourishing glow of spring; an enticing summer sun; the amazing color scheme of autumn leaves; a magical crispness of winter snowfall. There’s something special and beautiful about each of the four seasons. But have you ever thought about when your carpets should be cleaned? You might be asking yourself if there’s a particular season in which you really need to prepare the whole household and hire the local carpet cleaners. Generally speaking, it will still depend on your lifestyle and schedule. It’s often debated what time during a year is the best season to have your carpets undergo the best carpet cleaning. But, let’s be practical. Most of us don’t have the time or resources to make this happen during each period. That is why it’s important to check out the benefits that you can expect in each season!


During summer days, you can notice the peak period of growing flowers in their full bloom. Insects are also very happy when it’s summertime. If you’re going to observe the pollen that floats in through the open windows, mold that grows intensely due to high summer humidity, and debris of soil chunks tracked in your shoes, then it’s definitely worth it seeking the help of carpet cleaning services. Plus, you can make sure you’ll not end up in a smelly and dirty carpet so you can spend those extra hours outdoors. Summertime is the most enjoyable moment of the year. We spend a lot more time outside whenever this season comes. The majority of us take Summer vacations away from home for a whole week or so because this is the time when you can enjoy many activities. This would really be a good time to clean carpets after the bursting pollen of every house during the Spring. So, is it the best time to clean? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on your needs. Remember you’re not spending as much time indoors at this time of year if you’re working away from your home.


When you hear of Spring, you can instantly imagine flowers. This is the most popular season where people look for professional carpet cleaning.  At this time, you are finally letting in the breeze of fresh air into your home. Of course, you want to remove the dirt, salt, and other contaminants that were accumulated during winter. A tough and deep cleaning of your carpet is necessary because of the trapped pollen and other allergens during this “allergy season”. Cleaning your carpet can stop you from breathing them in. Just take a look at it from a different angle. Imagine yourself walking through the course of a year in your home starting with Spring. When Spring arrives and we open our doors and windows to welcome some fresh air. With that fresh air comes organisms like dirt, pollen, mold spores, germs, and anything else floating around in the air outside. Disgusting, right? Your carpet, rugs, curtains, and upholstery act as big giant air filters eventually accumulating and trapping all of those outdoor pollutants. Then suddenly, the Spring rains come and with you is an icky pair of shoes. Practice removing your shoes before walking on carpet whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter to help your professional cleaners bring back the beauty of your belongings.


When a single leaf falls down from a tree branch, it’s a sign for us that an awesome Fall is here! Most people consider Fall to be one of the best seasons for carpet cleaning, so your home will be ready for the holiday season where events happen the most. You’re spending a lot of time inside which means the dirt and other contaminants will start to build up faster. A professional cleaning will help you to get your carpets ready for the increase in foot traffic in the house. They will also take care of the summer wreckage while the kids are busy doing many activities in school. Fall is such a great time to get ready for the holiday season and holiday guests. Kids will go back to school and you want to get the house ready for a long and lazy Winter. Well,  first impressions mean a lot and you want your home to look nice and tidy. Spills, Christmas trees, gifts, and foods! You really need to make sure everything is ready because you’re not gonna have much time once the winter enters the scene.  


Winter is here. All windows are closed. No open doors anywhere. Doors close and open quickly. Winter is the season in which you will spend more time indoors. The days are shorter and there are only a few activities you can do outside. You might think it makes the most sense to have your carpets groomed when you’re spending more time outside since it’ll be more convenient to let them dry on its own and they won’t become dirty as quickly. But wouldn’t you rather remove all the disgusting pollutants from your carpet when you’ll be exposed to them the most? A winter carpet cleaning is the best way to improve the overall environment in your house It’s understandable to be an avid fan of the Winter season. It’s okay to take a Winter vacation too. But, you’ll still come home to a comfortable house and curl up with a book by the fireplace and drink a warm cup of coffee in your favorite chair. Or maybe you’ll snuggle up to the family pet on the couch and enjoy watching your favorite movie. So relaxing and the perfect time to hibernate! So it is important not to forget to have your upholstery cleaned. Clean up all contaminants such as soil, and stains from all of the other seasons and enjoy your time indoors. It will not only improve your indoor air quality but it can also provide a good mood for everyone. Remember, even if it’s hard to choose the schedule of your carpet cleaning, you must be aware that the basis will still be the lifestyle that you have. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are just beautiful seasons that let us enjoy every moment. Making sure that everything is organized and planned will be a great accomplishment when it comes to cleaning any part of your home.   Get your free estimate today by contacting us through email or hotline. Call us now or visit us on Facebook!  

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Table of Contents

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