What’s Included In a Deep House Cleaning Service in Chantilly VA?

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If you are considering hiring a service for house cleaning in Chantilly, VA, you are probably wondering what exactly you will get out of such a house cleaning service. People have different ideas of what a deep house cleaning means, so it is important to understand exactly what a service like this includes.

For those of you who are searching for a professional house cleaning service in Chantilly, VA, we have created this article with some information about what is included in a deep house cleaning service in Chantilly, VA. Use this guide and you will be able to find the best house cleaners in Chantilly, VA to help make your house looking sparkling clean.

Definition of Deep House Cleaning

In the case that perhaps you have really not much clue of what a deep cleaning service might be, it is usually considered to be a thorough cleaning, where every little spot that can trap dirt will be cleaned, whether you can see that they are dirty or not. This would usually mean dusting, mopping, disinfecting, vacuuming, sweeping, wiping and doing all sorts of grime removal.

Most house cleaners in Chantilly, VA, will require homeowners to pay for a deep cleaning service on their first visit to the home. This way, the house cleaners will be able to get the home into a base state of cleanliness, that then will be easier to do routine maintenance cleaning on going forward. 

You can also request a deep cleaning from a cleaning service whenever you feel the need, but if you hire a cleaning service for regular cleanings, they will normally only do a deep cleaning to start. This also gives the cleaning service a better idea of what it will take to clean your home in the future, so that they can be prepared with the right tools and supplies. 

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is where a lot of messes happen and where dirt just tends to build up from spilt food to dirty feet walking through. Doing a deep cleaning in the kitchen will make it feel a lot more comfortable and easy to work in.

Keeping a kitchen clean is important, because when a kitchen gets dirty it is easier for bacteria to live there, then potentially get onto food and make someone sick. A deep cleaning in the kitchen can really protect the health of you and your family. 

For a deep cleaning service in the kitchen, the normal procedure is to start by cleaning the ceiling, including any light fixtures. This could kick up some dust, but it will be cleaned later when the rest of the kitchen is cleaned. 

The house cleaners will also want to empty out the refrigerator and give it a thorough cleaning and disinfecting. This is one of those jobs that people tend to put off, so having a little help with the fridge cleaning can really make a difference. 

The house cleaners will also want to wipe and clean all of the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Some services may include emptying the cabinets and cleaning inside, but normally this will have to be arranged separately because it is risky to handle all of the dishes and things in the cabinets. 

The counters will also need to be fully cleaned and disinfected. The countertops are the work areas of the kitchen and it is important to get them fully cleaned to make cooking safe.

The kitchen sink is one area that will need a lot of attention. After a good sanitization, the sink can also be polished so that it looks almost like new again. 

Windows will also need to be cleaned, but a house cleaning service will normally only clean the inside of windows, as working on the outside of a home may not be covered in the insurance agreement. 

One of the last steps will be to sweep and mop the floor, making sure that it is super clean. The floors of the kitchen can be one of the most used in the house, so it builds up a lot of dirt and needs a good, deep cleaning. 

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

The bathroom is of course one of the dirtiest places in the home and a place that needs special attention from a deep cleaning. It is important to disinfect all surfaces so that they will be safe to use and you won’t be grossed out by them.

The house cleaners will start with the ceiling and clean away any cobwebs or any mold spots that may be growing from the humidity. They will pay special attention to the crown molding and remove any built up dust that lurks there.

The bathroom vanity, medicine cabinets and any other storage space will be cleaned, removing any dust and wiped with antibacterial products to make sure that no germs survive. The cleaners will be sure to clean and shine the mirror on the medicine cabinet to make sure that getting ready will be a breeze. 

The toilet will need a very thorough disinfecting for obvious reasons. The cleaner will be sure to use the right products to make sure that the toilet is totally clean and safe to use. Don’t forget that special area behind and underneath the toilet, you know that place where hairs and goodness knows what else likes to get trapped. Your house cleaners will take care of that area and it will be super clean.

You will also need to have the shower and bathtub totally scrubbed and disinfected. If you have a lot of tile work with grout that you would like cleaned, this may be an additional charge as it is a whole lot of time consuming work that may just not fit in with a routine deep cleaning. 

The house cleaners will also clean and polish all of the faucets and the shower head in the bathroom. This will be like giving your bathroom a new lease on life and you will be so appreciative of having such a beautiful bathroom.

Living Room and Common Areas

You can count on a deep cleaning service to fully vacuum and dust all of the living spaces in your home. They can even go through all of the couch cushions with a vacuum to make sure to remove dust that may cause allergies. 

They will dust any vertical surfaces that need it and can even clean lampshades for you. After a deep house cleaning, you will feel a lot better enjoying your home.


You can have a deep cleaning service go into your bedroom and clean under the bed so that you can start resting easy at night. They will also dust all blinds and make sure that the window sill is clean.

A cleaning service will not normally include doing laundry, that is a different service that you have to arrange on your own. You can count on the cleaners to change your bed sheets if you provide them with some fresh ones. 

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