Your Complete Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

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Are in a rush to move out from your old apartment and transfer to your new  home or unit? However, have you read your lease contract on how to get your security deposit back without any problem?

To get your security deposit back, most apartments require the place to be cleaned and free from any damages. The landlord will check your place before finally giving back your cash deposit. So you need to perform a move out cleaning regimen.

To ensure a smooth and complete move-out cleaning process, here is our checklist for your reference. Then again, if you want a hassle-free professional move out cleaning for your apartment, you can call us anytime.

Simple Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

1 All carpets and bare floors must be vacuumed and free from dirt and dust.

2 Remove all scratches on the walls using a magic eraser and trisodium phosphate

3 All baseboards, doorknobs, and cabinets must be wiped off with a soft cloth

4 Dusting of lampshades, windows, and window sills

5 All nails in the walls must be removed and covered

6 Ensure no smudges are left in all glass surfaces

7 Empty all your garbage bins

8 Do not leave any leftovers inside the fridge

9 Clean your bathtub, vanity tops, and toilet bowl

10 Wipe off the countertops and cooktops in your kitchen

Meanwhile, if you do not have the proper tools and luxury of time to perform apartment move out deep cleaning, worry not as you can readily contact us anytime. We have been the go-to one time move out cleaning services in the area for years.

Our professional move out cleaning service is highly affordable and efficient in all aspects. In no time, we can completely clean your apartment so you can get your cash deposit immediately.

Our Move In and Move Out Cleaning Service

Living and Dining Area

  • Vacuum and/or scrub carpets and bare floors
  • Dusting of windows, window sills and baseboards
  • Wipe all glass surfaces
  • Wipe all cabinets, countertops, chairs
  • Cobweb removal
  • Clean balcony or patio


  • Vacuum or mop floors
  • Wipe all switches
  • Clean the interior and exterior surface of the fridge and microwave
  • Clean and disinfect sinks and countertops


  • Remove dust from lampshades, windows, window sills, baseboards
  • Wipe all switches
  • Vacuum and mop all floors and carpets
  • Dusting of all horizontal surfaces


  • Clean sink and vanity tops
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl and bathtub
  • Wipe all vanity cabinets and mirrors
  • Wipe all glass surfaces
  • Empty and clean garbage bins
  • Wipe all windows, baseboards, window sills, doorknobs, and switches


Cleaning your apartment before finally moving out can be a cumbersome task. If you do not have sufficient time and manpower to do this, do not hesitate to call us Next Day Cleaning LLC for our Moving IN/OUT Apartment Cleaning Service.

We offer an affordable one time move out cleaning service in the area that you won’t regret. Call us anytime for inquiries, free estimates, and booking appointments or check us Instagram!

Leave the work to professionals!

A company with a new generation of cleaning and restoration concepts is here to serve you.


“Very superior work . Arrived on time and cleaned my home extremely well. Two hard working women for three hours cleaned my home very well. I would highly recommend this cleaning service.”


Table of Contents

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