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Having a few pets around the house is a great idea. Aside from keeping your house safe from intruders, household pets like dogs can also work as a great stress-reliever. Of course, getting a pet can be daunting work and it’s a lot of responsibility. If your floors are carptetted for instance, prepare to call a carpet cleaning service again and again. 

One of the boons of carpet owners is having pets. Don’t get us wrong though. Of course pet owners love their pets. The problem though is that cats and dogs can cause serious damage to a carpet. Aside from scratches and bathroom issues, a pet’s fur can really ruin how your carpet looks. This is why most pet owners call local carpet cleaners for help regularly.

Carpet cleaning services can rid you of your issues with the dirt and fur that you pet leaves on the floor. However, if these services aren’t available, then you should know about a few tricks that can help save your carpet big time. It’s perfect for emergency cases and whenever the carpet cleaners aren’t around to attend to your home immediately. Here are a few important tips.

Have Your Pet Groomed Regularly

Pet owners should have their cats or dogs groomed as regularly as possible. Grooming involves the process of trimming the excess fur, as well as the nails of your pets. Not only is the service going to do your pets good, it’s also going to help your carpet stay much cleaner. These things that the groomers take off are all bad for your carpet.

For the excess fur, your pets usually get these when the winter season comes. As it gets colder, their bodies will produce more fur to keep them warm. This also causes excessive shedding through which the fur scatters all around the house and including your carpet. Of course, fur is also bad for those that get the sniffs after coming into contact with it.

On the other hand, claws are much worse. Not only do claws break off and leave nail trimmings on your carpet, these sharp nails can also ruin the material of your carpet too. Make sure to have your dogs and cats regularly groomed which is usually at least once a month. It’s going to be helpful for your pets too

Teach Them Where To Do Their Business On

As early as possible, it’s a must that you teach your cats and dogs proper toilet manners. Cats are easier to teach. Simply buy them a tray and fill it with cat litter. Cats will instinctively go do their business on the litter box instead of on the carpet. Even after just a few days, they’ll easily get used to avoiding dirtying up the carpet.

Dogs can be a bit more complicated. You need to teach them that they can only do their business outside. To do this, you need to schedule walks or trips outside regularly. Twice a day – or one in the morning and one in the afternoon can help make a dog grow accustomed to a schedule. This will help them avoid  doing outside business on your carpet.

Place Rugs Properly

Even if your floors are already carpeted, it’s also important to have rugs strategically placed around your home. This will help your cats and dugs lessen the amount of dirt they bring into the carpet especially if they’ve just gone to the bathroom or in your backyard. A lot of people forget how important rugs are when it comes to proper carpet cleaning and maintenance.

For your cats, make sure that you put your rugs near the cat litter. Your cat might have a few pebbles stuck in between their paws after going to the cat litter. It’s important that a rug is there to keep the pebbles out of the carpet. For your dogs, the rugs should be before doors or before they step inside the house after their time outside.

Invest In A Good Vacuum

Any professional home cleaner will tell you that it’s good to invest in a powerful vacuum. This is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your home as it helps you clean your house much easier. If you have pets, a good vacuum is even more crucial as it can suck up all of the excess fur that gets stuck in your carpet material.

Even if you don’t have pets, you should invest in a good vacuum cleaner. The top carpet cleaning services all use great vacuums. A good choice to have are water filter vacuums. Instead of a regular filter, water filter vacuums put the excess stuff that gets sucked up inside a water filter. This prevents the fur or other contaminants from coming out of the other end.

If you have pets at home. We highly advice that you vacuum at least every other day. If your pets are shedding, then it’s a must that you do it on a daily basis. While it doesn’t ruin your carpet entirely, pet fur does make your carpet look dirty. Fur buildup on the carpet becomes much harder to clean as it becomes more extensive.

Act Fast

One of the worst things that you can do for your carpet is acting slow on it. If your cat or dog poops or pees in the carpet. In fact, you should act fast whenever a spill or anything bad happens to your carpet. Letting it sit for too long there will cause the stain and the odor to last longer. This is why it’s also important to invest in vacuums that suck up wet and dry things.

You should also always be prepared to remediate such spills whenever it happens. As such, know where you keep your brooms, mops, and vacuums at all times.

Clean Naturally

When it comes to picking a cleaning material for your carpet, you should avoid getting store bought cleaners that have chemicals in them. Aside from being harmful to your pets, these chemicals can also be harmful for your carpet. It can cause discoloration, as well as fraying thus making your carpet be in a worse shape aside from being dirty.

A common way to clean your carpet naturally is by using a baking soda and vinegar mixture when mopping or wiping the carpet with a damp cloth. While powerful, this is a natural cleaning agent that can help get rid of stains and odor. If you want to avoid making your home smell like vinegar, you can add essential oils to the mix.

Buy A Putty Knife

Sometimes accidents do happen. Your dog might not be allowed to go outside because of the rain. You might have forgotten to clean your cat’s litter box. In cases like these, you pets are most definitely left with no choice but to poop on the carpet. When this happens, it’s hard to clean solids but the easiest way to remove them is by removing them with a putty knife.

Essentially, a putty knife is a hardware equipment used to mix and spread putty. It’s thin which makes it easy to scoop up poop or vomit on the carpet. These are relatively cheap too. In fact, you might already have one lying around the house so you no longer need to spend a dime to scoop up those solid dirt.

Buy An Odor Remover

If your dog or a cat has a nasty habit of peeing inside the house then they could have already marked the carpet. Marking is when your dog or cat pees in a particular space and they see it as their territory. Once they pee in there, the odor of their urine will linger and will make them pee in the area once again.

You can buy odor removers from hardware stores and even groceries. These can remove the scent of urine from your carpet, thus forcing your pet to stop going there again.

Your pets and your carpet don’t go hand in hand. Of course, you can’t throw your pets away as they are your responsibility after all. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to ensure yourself that your carpet stays clean, while your pets stay happy.

Call The Professionals

One of the best methods to ensure that your carpet is clean is by simply calling the pros for help. A professional carpet cleaning business can help you properly maintain the well-being of your carpet as well as give a deep clean. It’s a must especially if you have a lot of rowdy pets inside the house.

We’re not saying that you should called professional carpet cleaners daily. However, scheduling a visit from them every month will be more than enough to ensure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Their deep cleaning services not only includes removing all fur and broken nails from the carpet, it also includes sanitation as well. If there are stains, you can bet that they’ll remove it too.

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