Coronavirus Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

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The spread of viruses is faster in small spaces like your apartment, where its average area is 940 square feet. Besides the tight area, air ventilation is quite low for apartments, which increases your risk of having low-quality indoor air. Fortunately, you can always call for assistance from your professional apartment cleaning service near you.

In line, we are featuring in this read the best tips for your coronavirus apartment cleaning regimen. With that, you have a better way of ensuring the health and sanitation of your apartment.

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Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning reagents are made equally effective and safe, so you need to be careful in choosing them. So far, we always recommend you to purchase EPA-approved cleaning solutions for your apartment and house sanitation.

In line, we always remind our clients to stay away from using highly concentrated bleach solutions for disinfecting or sanitizing tiles and other surfaces. Meanwhile, a neutral dishwashing soap solution and hot water is the most practical choice for your daily or one time apartment cleaning.

Always Read the Label Before Cleaning or Disinfecting

This tip is pretty relevant to the first one, yet we want to emphasize that doing the right cleaning process is critical for stunning results. Why? Because not all cleaning products are applied in the same manner, particularly for disinfectants. 

Some disinfectants are best applied for wet or dry surfaces, and the duration of letting it sit varies as well. Typically, disinfectants are left to sit for around 15 to 30 minutes, before wiping or rinsing it off.

Consequently, novel coronavirus has an organic envelope so you using soap solution and water is greatly effective in killing it. Also, we use other organic disinfectants to guarantee the effectiveness of our full apartment cleaning service.

After Cleaning or Sanitizing, Always Disinfect Your Areas

Always remind yourself that disinfection is different from cleaning, for the latter is the first process you will do to remove the first-layer dirt on your surfaces. After, the former is done to decontaminate all bacteria and viruses present in the soft and hard surfaces of your apartment.

Further, only use green and EPA-approved disinfectants and cleaning solutions for sanitizing your apartment. With that, no harmful powder residues are left on any items inside your home.

Sanitize the Areas Farthest from Your Entry Door

No matter how small or large your apartment, this tip #4 is very practical because it helps you avoid recontamination. It’s a wise strategy to first clean those areas and rooms farthest from the entrance, then slowly move backward until you reach the entry door.

With that, you are never passing through the areas you have cleaned already. We also do the same thing for cleaning new apartments and offices.

Clean and Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

The novel coronavirus is typically transmitted through droplets and touching various surfaces inside your apartment, so we suggest that you prioritize sanitizing your high-touch surfaces.

Take note, the novel coronavirus stays on plastics and metals for around 7 days before it dies, so you need to promptly address these areas inside your apartment.

Meanwhile, here are some of the high-touch areas you need to focus on cleaning and disinfection.

  • Door knobs and lever handles

Perhaps, more than five people are touching your door knobs and lever handles in a day, and you don’t have any idea if it has the novel coronavirus or not. To avoid any worries, it’s best to use an appropriate metal cleaner and disinfectant for it.

  • Light Switches, toilet handles, and LCD screen monitor

The same concept goes for these items, especially for the toilet handles where it’s a must to disinfect it after answering the call of nature. For touchscreen LCD monitors, there will be smudges all over it, and applying a suitable cleaning solution is highly recommended.

  • Remote control, tablets, and smartphones

You can use soft microfiber or wet wipes for removing smudges and dirt on the buttons and controls of your gadgets and devices. Using alcohol is also fine yet doesn’t use too much because it can destroy its circuitry. 

  • Keyboard, mouse, and other networking devices

Likewise, the equipment and networking tools you use for work at home is also a source of virus and bacteria. With that, we recommend that you use an appropriate cleaning solution and soft microfiber in wiping off smudges and dirt on those items. 

Apartment Cleaning Checklist

To ensure you are well-guided in doing your daily or weekly apartment cleaning regimen, here is the basic cleaning checklist you can adopt.

Living Area

    • Couches, upholstery, and ceiling fans
    • Curtains, windowsills, and blinds
    • Furniture, rugs, and carpets
    • Trash bins


  • Countertops, sink, faucet
  • Cabinets, backsplash, and rangehood
  • Kitchen appliances like microwave oven, cooktops, dishwasher, and fridge
  • Walls and floors
  • Switches, and trash bins


    • Standard straightening of your bed
    • Windowsills, blinds, and curtains
    • Switches, lampshades, and furniture
    • Walls, carpets, and floor


  • Vent fans, light fixtures, and vanity tops
  • Vanity cabinets and mirrors
  • Door handles, glass enclosures, tubs
  • Floor tiles and walls

Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

Maintaining the cleanliness and comfortability of your apartment is a challenging task, yet you can seamlessly handle this when you do it one step at a time. With that, you have a better chance of eliminating the novel coronavirus inside your home.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have the effort and time for your apartment cleaning requirements, then call us Next Day Cleaning LLC. We offer a full range of cleaning and disinfecting services for an affordable price.

You can either avail of our one-time or recurring apartment cleaning packages for a very reasonable rate. 

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