What You Should Be Cleaning in Your Apartment Every Week

What You Should Be Cleaning in Your Apartment Every Week

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Getting caught up in your hectic schedule is easy. You’re juggling work, relationships, social life, and errands, and before you realize it, you dash into your bathroom, and you seemed to have walked into the wrong flat. Yes, you may be diligent when cleaning your new apartment, but as time goes by and you have settled in and got overwhelmed with the many happenings in your life, cleaning has moved lower and lower from your top priorities. It should not be the case because whether you like it or not, cleaning is still necessary. That’s why making a plan to outline what you need to wash or clean daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly is the best way to stay on top of your household chores. To help you keep your entire space tidy and always ready for family and friends coming over, we’ve broken down everything that you should be washing and cleaning in your apartment every week. Read on below and start scheduling your cleaning time for that fresh and clean space that you deserve.

What to clean in your bedroom?

Washing your bed sheets should be done every week. You may not know it, but you perspire while you sleep, and your sheets are the ones soaking up all your sweats. You don’t want to sleep in a bed full of dirt, sweat, and body oils. Wash your sheets regularly, and you’ll surely have a better slumber at night. Get rid of dust and other debris from your bedroom’s floor by sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming every week. Don’t allow the dirt and debris to build upon your floors, especially if it is carpeted. Remember also to clean the corners and under the bed. Use a microfiber duster to clean hard surfaces like dressers, desk, nightstands, and even ceiling fans.

What to clean in your bathroom?

Towels and bath mats are recommended to be washed after three or four uses, but if you’re not doing this, wash them at least once a week. You may think that your towels are harmless, but they are actually filthy due to the leftover dirt from your body. For your bathroom’s floors, ensure to give them a good sweeping and mopping weekly. Use commercial or home solutions to disinfect and use a dry towel for extra shine. Clean the mirror inside your bathroom using a glass or window cleaner weekly to get rid of grime and dust. Deep cleaning your sink and tub may be ideal every month, but make sure to wipe them down with bleach weekly to minimize the grime and dirt to be thoroughly cleaned monthly. For your toilet, remove stains and water rings using a toilet bowl cleaner. To clean its seat, lip, and top of the tank, you can use a regular bathroom surface cleaner.

What to clean in your kitchen?

The floors in your kitchen should also be cleared regularly as food and other substances spill on them every day. Keep the bugs away from our apartment by keeping your floors dirt and spill-free. Wiping your kitchen counters every day is a must, but it wouldn’t hurt if you give them a thorough weekly cleaning together with the cabinets and appliances in your kitchen.  Your microwave should also be cleaned once a week to remove all the food spills and splatters. Wipe down its inside area and wash its place if removable. Checking your refrigerator for anything that is spoiled already should be done every week. Removing spoiled veggies, fruits, and other edibles immediately from your fridge keeps your ref clean and odor-free. Did you know that there are studies which showed the sink as the kitchen’s dirtiest spot? That’s why cleaning it properly once a week is essential to prevent bacteria build-up. Washing it right after cooking raw meat can also help minimize and eliminate harmful microorganisms from staying in your sink. Using hot water and dish soap, wipe down the bottom and sides and disinfect using diluted bleach.

What to clean in your living room?

You probably get the pattern by now when it comes to cleaning your floors. Since it is your home area where your visitors usually come, making it clean and tidy is important. For the hard surfaces like a side table, glass coffee table, and window ledges, you can use a duster to remove the dust before they compile. Make your apartment brighter by cleaning your windows frequently. You can buy a window glass cleaner to get rid of the dirt that is noticeable when the sun shines through your windows. To keep your couch looking new for a longer time, fluff and rotate your cushions so that one side won’t wear down too fast. Vacuuming your cloth couch will also help in keeping your furniture looking comfy and fresh.

What else can you do?

Cleaning your entire apartment will take hours or days if you’re too busy with more important things. You can do the usual wiping and sweeping, but you can’t find the time to do the deep and thorough cleaning. Don’t fret because there’s still something that can be done to keep your flat clean and tidy. You can find a cleaning service provider in your area that is offering a professional apartment cleaning. They usually cover a wide range of services either for a one-time apartment cleaning or full apartment cleaning. From your living room’s furniture to your kitchen’s appliances, your bathroom’s toilet, and your bedroom’s dressers, the professional cleaning companies have the expert cleaners, up-to-date tools, and safe products and procedures to address all your cleaning needs. Just ensure to look for a trusted cleaning service provider in your community. You don’t want strangers entering your apartment and privacy, so you want a cleaning partner that is legitimate and trustworthy. You can call in the professionals for regular monthly cleaning of your apartment, or you can hire them for a one-time full apartment cleaning to get ready for the holidays or an event that will take place in your flat. Now that you know the areas and things to be cleaned inside your apartment weekly, you can start and plan ahead your cleaning calendar. Never miss your cleaning schedule and keep your place clean, fresh, organized, and clutter-free all the time. For your inquiries, free estimates, or appointments, contact us today or check us on Instagram!

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