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Anytime from now, winter will be knocking at your doorsteps. It will bring cold and snow in some parts, and wet in others. What comes with it are mud, wet leaves, and icy roads. Though it is one of the few seasons experienced throughout the year, facing the hazards it brings can be challenging. 

Before you pick up your shovel or switch your thermostat to heat, let us give you an important checklist on how to get your office ready for winter, making sure that everybody is safe. Office cleaning is always a must, as you’re all exposed to people going in and out the premises. You need to keep your office clean since your employees will be there most of the time. That’s also to protect the health of your workers.

Well,  there are cleaning companies that are ready to hire. However, prices for commercial cleaning may vary, so you may want to look deeper into that. 

Keep your walkways clean

Prepare your sand, snow shovel, and ice melt before the winter weather hits. You can also arrange regular snow removal services to keep your walkways, pathways, and even parking lots snow-free.

If you have quite a number of employees coming and out of your building each day, they can bring in leaves and mud along. Therefore, keeping your pathways or walkways clear and dry, will make your office much cleaner. You may hire a snow removal services company to keep walkways clean.

Use Door Mats

Whether you hire a commercial cleaning service to keep your pathways clean or you have people in the office to clean it up, dirt can still be slipped through the door. Adding non-slip mats or shoe scrapers before employees and customers come into the office will make the cleanup easier. There are services can contact for the holiday season to help you minimize the risk of unforeseen accidents. 

Schedule for HVAC Cleaning for Winter

You can keep the air of your office and commercial building clean and healthy by making sure that your HVAC’s filters are replaced and checked. You can schedule an inspection of your HVAC system before winter or whenever necessary.   Aside from the filter, ductwork, vent, coils, and other components have to be checked to help allow the proper circulation and ventilation of air. 

Consider Disinfecting Regularly

As the temperature decreases during winter, the cases of colds and sneezing increase simultaneously. Since most office thermostats switch from cool to heat, the atmosphere of most offices is warm. Bacteria and germs thrive in this kind of environment, hence, it is important to regularly disinfect areas such as countertops, phones, and desks. 

Areas like meeting rooms, conference halls, and reception where people gather, should also be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. This helps your staff to stay healthy and at work. 

Dust and clean windows and wood floors

Winter can make the atmosphere gloomy, but with the help of natural light, it can change or lift the mood inside the office. However, in order for an available natural light to get through, your windows must have good polishing and keep clean. You may have your own checklist for deep cleaning your home, but when it comes to commercial spaces, cleaning comes with a different approach. 

Dirt can cause damage to wood flooring, it can scratch your floors and salt from the walkways which leaves residue on them. Aside from investing in door mats and rugs, it is necessary to make sure that you mop up any residue, ice, or snow immediately. This will keep your wood floor safe and damage-free. The approach may be different when you have carpeted floors. Carpeted floors are the favorite areas of bacteria and viruses to thrive in. So, you might need a professional to do it for you. However, carpet cleaning prices vary, so you need to check on that first as well. 

Make sure to seal windows and doors

This next one depends on the set-up of your office or commercial space. Winter can be costly since you need to make sure that your employees are comfortable inside your office throughout the season. This means an increase in heating bills as you switch your thermostat. 

To lower your heating bill, you need to make sure that there are no gaps in your windows and doors so that cold air won’t come in, or hot air goes out. 

Deep Clean

Office deep cleaning is very important and benefits everyone inside your commercial space. Hiring deep cleaning office services before and after the winter will eradicate all the germs and bacteria that managed to stay in the office before and during winter. You can request the cleaners to perform a deep steam cleaning on carpets, flooring, couches, and desks. 

Replace Furnace Filters

Since the heater will be an essential appliance during winter, therefore, it has to be given much attention.  Normally, furnace filters are to be changed every quarter, because a clogged filter will limit its ability to warm the office. Replacing a new filter will keep everyone healthy by making the air quality safe. 

Maintain a clean parking space 

Besides keeping your office sanitized, ensure that your parking area is safe as well. Remove any debris that’ll endanger your vehicle and the people. The ice on the paved road must be removed to prevent slipping.

Dust and dirt can also be present on every surface of the parking area. If you don’t remove them, your workers can bring them with them into the office. That said, you must include this on your deep cleaning office checklist.

Weekly Disinfection

Decontamination must be part of your deep office cleaning. Most especially in your office kitchen. Check your kitchen countertops, as they should be always cleaned. There are effective ways to clean marble countertops, and it should be done regularly. Most professional cleaners use EPA-approved cleaning products in killing those bacteria and viruses present on surfaces. At Next Day Cleaning, our housemaids are equipped with the right tools and products for sanitizing organic and synthetic materials in your office.

Aside from the personal hygiene of your workers, a clean office is necessary for preventing anyone from getting sick.

Checking if your window and door sealants are still good

Winter is coming, so you want to make sure that your office can keep the warmth inside. This can help you save on electricity by using your heater. When you hire a local office cleaner, ask them if they can include this in their task.

If there are gaps in the windows and doors, caulking on those gaps is a must. Our team can seamlessly work this out for you. We also specialize in thermal insulation as part of our cleaning service.

Remove the old filters of your furnace

The filters of your furnace usually last for three to four months. You need to check and replace them when necessary. This helps prevent any dust and dirt from circulating in your office. In a commercial deep office cleaning service, this task can be included. You can ask the company if they include that, otherwise, ask them for the additional fee of having that. 

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Table of Contents

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