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Guarantee we will reclean



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We adhere to a stringent coronavirus demobilization process for our equipment, trucks and waste storage areas

Best Option For House Cleaning In Sterling, VA

The task of cleaning a house can be quite bothersome to some owners, however, it is not healthy to live in a dirty house. Therefore, although the cleaning demands free time, effort and time, it is a task that can easily be avoided if one decides to hire a cleaning service. Sterling, Virginia, is a relaxing place that conveys the feeling of tranquillity to the townee, thus, most homeowners will not feel compelled to the idea of cleaning their houses. However, to avoid the problem of living among dirt, there are cleaning services that are able to do this task for a good price.

The Next Day Cleaning, for example, is a company that was established back in 2009 and already have completed more than 10 thousand jobs. Although the company is considered one of the highest quality cleaning service in Virginia, they also offer construction and commercial cleaning as well. Furthermore, with a total of 250 working members, the Next Day Cleaning promises to deliver an exceptional service with innovative tools that make the cleaning effective and long-lasting. Besides that, the client also receives benefits such as professional commercial and professional house cleaning in Sterling, fast and remarkable carpet cleaning services, improved set-up of residential and commercial spaces, move in/out services, and money saved.

On Yelp, the Next Day Cleaning has a total of 4.5 stars out of 32 reviews. Although there are some bad reviews, the company is constantly praised for their great communication and friendliness when talking to the client, their quick responses, and trying their best to solve any bad situation. Furthermore, the fact that they send two cleaners to split the hours bought – for example, if the package of 8 hours is hired, they will send two cleaners who will do the cleaning service in 4 hours – is another upside of their service because it allows the cleaning to be done more quickly.

Therefore, whether or not the house owner decides to hire a cleaning service, they should keep in mind that there are a few benefits that can come with it. For example, if the house owner has a busy life, they will not have the free time needed to clean a whole house, however, a maid will keep the house in a constant clean state. There are multiple other reasons for hiring a cleaning service – such as big family or new kids, an elderly or a special person that needs constant cleanliness -, therefore, despite the type of service chosen, everyone has already considered hiring a professional maid at least once. With that said, whether the house is cleaned weekly, monthly or one-time only, a cleaning service is a good option for those who desire to have a clean house without the hassle of having to do the job themselves.


Let us use our years of experience, skilled employees, and advanced procedures to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your family and guests.





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“I was extremely happy with the fine work done by Nextday Cleaning. Their professional demeanor was enhanced by their friendly manner. I will certainly be using their services again.”


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Choosing Affordable House Cleaning In Sterling, VA

Hiring house cleaning services is no longer a luxury as some people think but a practical necessity, that you most certainly should be able to afford. Most times you are swamped with so much work that you can’t spare time for general cleaning, dusting, vacuuming or mopping your house. Hiring a house cleaner, especially an affordable one does not mean you are lazy. It only means you choose to use your time more profitably while you let the professionals do their work, or that you are brave enough to ask for help when your workload is too much.

Gone are the days when it cost an arm and a leg to hire a live in maid or housekeeper whose quality of work was not even guaranteed. The reality is that there is a range of so many house cleaning services available on the market, and so many service providers, that you shouldn’t be stranded finding one that is the right fit for your pocket.

Choosing affordable house cleaning in Sterling is not rocket science. With house cleaning services being professionalized, there are many companies offering the service, giving you unlimited variety of choice.

Next Day Cleaning is one of the many companies offering affordable house cleaning services in Sterling. Here are a few reasons why you should try them out, and why they are most certainly a good choice for you.

 Next Day Cleaning offers great discounts on selected services and their services are generally affordable. They have routine promotions on their products and will bill you according to an agreed schedule, maybe hourly, per rooms cleaned, or at a flat rate. There are no hidden charges and the company will give you free estimates so you will be able to access a cleaning service that falls well within your budget.

 The company is a bonded and insured company and each of their staff has an insurance package therefore you do not have to worry about your precious items in the house being damaged, broken or lost.

 Much as Next Day Cleaning offers the highest level of professional house cleaning and would be grateful for a positive after service review, they do not expect or encourage you to tip their staff, so you do not have to include that in your budget.

 The company provides its own cleaning materials which are high quality and eco friendly products guaranteed to remove all your stubborn stains. You can rest easy knowing that much as you are accessing affordable house cleaning in Sterling, you are also doing your part in sustaining the environment.

 The company also gives a 24 hour guarantee on their services. This is because they are confident of the quality of the services they offer ad they have quality checks in place.

 To be able to obtain affordable house cleaning in Sterling, you need to be able to come up with a cleaning schedule of what work needs to be done and what your preferences are. Next Day Cleaning has a flexible arrangement where you can make changes to your schedule even on short notice.