House Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaners

House Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaners

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Cleaning your house, apartment, or office should not be that hard and painstaking when you have some strategies and techniques to make it more efficient. We truly understand where you are coming from, and cleaning your residence is the least on your mind after arriving home.

Because we want to make it easy and convenient on your part, we have shared some of the practical hacks from our professional house cleaning service. These are easy to follow and require zero technical skills. Nonetheless, when you need to avail affordable and professional weekly house cleaning service, you can turn to us anytime.

10 Life Hacks on Complete House Cleaning

Yellow or Hard Water Stains Gone

The typical places where you can find hard water stains include faucets, toilet bowls, sinks, dishwashers, and other house appliances which are frequently exposed with moisture. Your best solution to easily remove this stain is lemon juice.

You can squeeze some lemon juice on a glass bowl and have some damp cloth to dip over and scrub the stained area. Using warm water for rinsing is ideal to further soften and remove the left behind marks from hard water stains.

Start At Your Doorstep – Place Doormats

Placing doormats at your doorstep is a smart move to greatly reduce dust settling on your carpets and hardwood floors. For our local house cleaning service, we vacuum both sides of the carpet to efficiently reduce dust accumulation. Likewise, this is an easy way to preserve the beauty of your antique or Persian carpets and area rugs. 

Eliminate Foul Smell from Garbage Bins with Lemon

Have you noticed that some stinky smell is still left after you have emptied your trash bin? Perhaps, you need to disinfect it first before reusing it again.

Likewise, you can make a small volume of lemon juice solution and place it inside a spray bottle. Then, spray some mists on your smelly trash bin until the foul smell is no longer noticeable.

Dusting of Window Sills and Blinds

The dust sticking on your upholstery and carpets circulate around your home and office. There is also a great chance it is sticking already in your window sills and blinds. When left uncleared, this can totally affect the indoor air quality of your home, which is why we include it in our private house cleaning service.

You can remove these specks of dust by using a damp cloth and feather duster. Likewise, you can use handheld vacuums for better efficiency.

Get rid with shower scum

In our weekly house cleaning service, we frequently face the burden of scrubbing the bathroom or shower walls and floors. To make it easy on your part, you can readily soften and remove shower scums by using a solution of vinegar and dish soap. Then, you can pair that with a sponge or old toothbrush (one you no longer use).

You can use warm water for final rinsing and scrubbing to ensure no soap scums are left behind.

Easily remove stains and foul smell from your sofas and upholstery with baking soda

Stains and nasty smell from upholstery and couches are normal when we do one time house cleaning service. The simple and practical way of reducing this dilemma is sprinkling some baking soda on the fabric and letting it sit for 10-20 minutes. After, you can vacuum it already.

Clear up Cloudy Glass Surfaces with Vinegar

The cloudiness of your glass tables and surfaces is due to smudges of fingerprints or excess moisture. Anyhow, you can quickly resolve this using distilled vinegar and paper towels. This will just take around 10 to 15 minutes of your time.

Easy and safe ways of cleaning networking devices

Your family desktops, keyboards, CPUs, and optical mouse can be easily cleaned in 10 minutes. How? You can use distilled vinegar and soft cloth for this. Dip your soft cloth in vinegar and wipe off dust, smudges, and light stains on these networking devices.

You can dilute your concentrated white vinegar with water and use cotton balls in replacement of soft microfiber.

Dusting of Overlooked Areas

Some places inside your residence or office are often overlooked like your air vents, back portion of your fridge, and baseboards. When left unnoticed, large piles of dust can build up in these areas. You can avoid that by regularly dusting it off using a damp cloth, feather duster, or stick vacuum.

Easily remove grease stains using baking soda

Oil-based stains and grease can be troublesome when you are cleaning your kitchen. A practical way to handle this is preparing a baking soda solution or directly sprinkling baking soda powder on the stained area. After, use sponge or old toothbrush in scrubbing off the greasy stains.


We hope these tips from our seasoned housemaids have given you useful insights in easing your house cleaning chores. By doing these practical hacks, you are able to save some on your house cleaning cost.

Anyhow, we understand that there will be instances when you will need to avail complete house cleaning service, particularly for weekly or monthly basis. In that case, our affordable and versatile packages for one time house cleaning is your best solution.

Simply email or call us today to schedule your appointments or get your free in-house estimate to know the inclusion in deep house cleaning service.

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Table of Contents

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