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When it comes to tile and grout cleaning most people can only do so much on their own before they will need to call in some professionals to get their tiles looking as good as possible. The danger is that with improper cleaning, the grout between tiles can become weakened and eventually fail.

Having a tile and grout cleaning service come to your home will be so good in so many ways because they know exactly the best techniques for tile cleaning and they have professional grade tile and grout cleaners to use. You just won’t be able to get your tile and grout as clean as a professional can, even with hours on your hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush.

If you are considering finding the right tile and grout cleaning company, you have several things to consider that we will lay out in this helpful guide. Know that with these tips you will be able to find the best grout cleaner possible who will do a great job and leave you feeling happy with their work.

Get Recommendations From Friends

If you have friends or family nearby who have sought the services of a tile cleaner or grout cleaner who works in the local area, ask them what their experiences have been and see if they can recommend a good company that you might consider hiring.

Even if your acquaintance has not used a tile and grout cleaning service, but has used a house cleaner or carpet cleaning company that also offers tile and grout cleaning they might like the company and you could try their tile and grout cleaning services. There are most likely many options to choose from in your area, so having a personal recommendation from someone who you trust could help you narrow down your choices.

Choose A Local Company

You should do your best to choose a company that is close to your home, so that they can feel accountable to your community and you can build a sort of relationship so that they can start to know your tile and grout and clean it well. It is best if they don’t have to come from far away to get to your house, they will be happier and more responsive to your needs.

It is good to support your local community and a business that serves it. This will make your whole area stronger and everyone will be happier.

Look Online

If you can not get a recommendation from someone who you know, you can look online at review sites to see what kind of a tile and grout cleaner you can find. Be sure to read the reviews to know what people were thinking after using the services to see if they will be able to meet your needs. 

Many companies have websites these days, so you can check their website and see if they can offer quotes online or find other helpful information. You can also get their phone number and give them a call. You want to make sure that they are easy to speak with and you can form a good working relationship.

Check For Licenses

You will be smart if you find a tile and grout cleaning company that has gone through the processes of having all the proper licenses in order. You can ask the company directly what kind of licenses they have to perform the work and they should be able to tell you.

A reputable company will also have all of the proper insurance and bonding that is required to be operating their business. Having insurance and bonds will make sure that if anything goes terribly wrong, you will be protected as will as the company.

If a company does not have a license and insurance, you risk that they are the type of person who cuts corners and even skirts the law. They may not do as good of a job as they should, and if something were to go bad, you would really have no recourse to make things right. 

Ask About Experience

You want to hire a tile and grout cleaning company that makes sure all of its employees have the proper training and experience to be doing their work. Ask how much experience the technician who will be working in your home has and what kind of training they received. 

It is possible to find very good tile and grout cleaners with no certificates and who have only learned on the job, but sometimes you may want the piece of mind of having a certified cleaner come to your home. 


You want to find a company that uses the best equipment possible for tile and grout cleaning. The best companies use the steam cleaning method, which can gently lift dirt out of your grout without damaging the tiles or the grout in the process. 

They should also offer some hand cleaning techniques if you have difficult spots to clean. This shows that they pay attention to the details and want your tile and grout to look clean and beautiful.

Money Back Guarantee

If a company offers a money back guarantee for their tile and grout cleaning services, it is a sign that they are confident that you will be satisfied with their work. Look for a company that makes this guarantee of their work and you are more likely to have a great experience.

Friendly Service

You want to speak with the company you are thinking of hiring and make sure that they answer all of your questions with an earnest desire to help. Never hire someone who is rude or condescending. The person you hire should always be willing to help you no matter what you ask for.

Get A Good Quote

You need to have them give you a quote before you hire them to be your tile and grout cleaner. If the quote seems amazingly low, watch out for a bait and switch where they will tell you one price, then when they show up at your house they start tacking on extra fees that you were not told about in advance. 

Make sure that the quote you are given is reasonable and not too high or too low. These can be red flags that a company is charging too much and scamming or they are trying to bait and switch you.

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