How to Clean Your Grout the Best Way?

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In the bathroom or kitchen a nice tiled wall or floor can look rather elegant and is a great way to protect surfaces from water, but when the grout starts looking dirty it will make you wonder about grout cleaning. To make your tiled areas look as beautiful as they are supposed to you must find a good method of tile and grout cleaning. The grout is a perfect little hiding ground for moisture loving molds that can turn the grout black, brown, yellow or even red. This is a natural process that will inevitably happen in a wet environment like a bathroom, so you will need to figure out how to clean grout. The best way to clean grout does take a lot of time, on hands and knees, scrubbing all those little lines until they look how they should. It is a lot of work and we can advise you right now to hire a tile and grout cleaning service to do the work for you. If you still want to tackle this big job on your own, we have compiled this helpful guide with the best way to do grout cleaning, the way that the experts do it. It takes a lot of patience and scrubbing, but after reading this article you will be the best grout cleaner you can be.

What Is Grout?

Grout is made of cement and water and usually a pigment. It holds the tiles together and forms a watertight barrier with the tiles. The surface of grout is porous, if you touch it it feels like sandpaper.  In the porous surface of grout you find a perfect environment for mold to grow. All it needs is some humidity and the mold can make a happy home right in the grout. Mold growing on grout can make a bad smell and it could, on rare occasions, make a person sick. 

Grout Cleaner

There are many grout cleaners available at the store which work very well. But you can also make a highly effective grout cleaner on your own with things you may already have in your home. This grout cleaner will be just as effective, if not more so than any grout cleaner you can find at a store. To make the cleaner just mix one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts washing soda to create a paste. The recipe is that simple and it is a very powerful solution that will clean away spots on the grout as well as kill the mold and any spores it has produced, making it harder for the mold to come back. This grout cleaner is highly effective and will be good for tile cleaning as well. It is best to keep the ingredients on hand and then mix up a paste anytime that you need to use it. This grout cleaner is very safe to use and not harmful to the environment.

Grout Cleaning

To clean your grout rub the grout cleaning paste onto the grout with an old toothbrush. You can focus on the areas where you can see mold growing, but it is good to coat all of the grout to help prevent mold from growing in the future. You want to focus on the places that tend to stay wet, like corners and flat surfaces where water can stand for longer periods of time.  Let the grout cleaner sit on the grout for several minutes to work away at the mold and mold spores. Then, give all of the grout another good scrub with the old toothbrush. You can scrub pretty hard, just be sure that you are not wearing away at the grout too much. If you can see that you have less grout than when you started, you scrubbed too hard. After you have scrubbed the grout you can rinse away all of the paste and your grout should be mold free and looking good. If you can still see some mold stains, you can try scrubbing again, but it could be that your grout has become permanently stained and you will need to do a lot more work to get it back to how it should look.

Should You Mop Tile and Grout?

Yes, mopping is a great way to clean tile and grout floors, but that dirty mop water that you push around the floor could also stain the grout. Mopping will normally not be a good way to clean stained grout and could make it look worse. The best way to clean your grout is to use the method described above. It is a lot more work than mopping, but it is just a much more effective way to really get the grout looking its best.

Grout Sealant

To help make your grout easier to clean, you can use a grout sealant product. These are normally a spray on sealant that will fill the pores in the grout, making it more difficult for mold to grow and easier to wipe away dirt.  The sealant could also help your grout to last longer. But be sure to follow all of the instructions because using a grout sealant the wrong way could lead to an unsightly build up and maybe even worse problems.

Steam Cleaning

Using a steam cleaning machine is one of the ways that professionals will clean tile and grout. It is a very environmentally friendly way to clean, as it only uses water. You can rent a steam cleaner and try to learn how to use the machine on your own to clean your grout. It can be a difficult machine to use, and it is most likely a much better option to hire professional tile and grout cleaners to come and do a steam cleaning for you. Grout cleaning can be a delicate procedure, and a lot of the time it is best to leave grout cleaning to the experts. If you ruin your grout cleaning it the wrong way, you would be looking at a huge repair job that would cost lots of money. Professional grout cleaners will help your grout last longer and look as good as it should. Get your free estimate today by contacting us through email or hotline. Call us now or visit us on Facebook!

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Table of Contents

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