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Nextday Cleaning Services LLC apart from offering professional house cleaning service in Falls Church, VA, they also give hints and tips that can assist you to clean your home efficiently, safely, and effectively. The company has plenty of educative videos and informative articles that will help you discover great house cleaning tips. Here are some of their tips:

How to clean the oven

Ovens often become dirty as a result of the accumulation of grime from oil and food residue. Food particles that fall become charred and lead to the formation of soot and a bad odor in the oven. These simple tricks from Nextday Cleaning Services LLC elaborate how to clean an oven leave it sparkling and ready to heat up tonight’s dinner.

There are three types of ovens. Self-cleaning ovens are designed with modern high technology. They normally turn food residue into ash. Non self-cleaning ovens your manual removal of food and grime by scrubbing. Continuous cleaning ovens have their internal walls fitted with a special lining to curb grime development.

Self –clean setting oven

There are certain procedural steps you must follow to ensure it is safe.

  1. Open all the kitchen windows and set the oven to self- clean mode at a set time when nobody will be using the kitchen.
  2. It is important to read the safety precautions on the oven to ensure you use it appropriately.
  3. Remove and wash the grille, oven rack and pots in the sink with a little dishwashing liquid.
  4. Now turn on the self-cleaning mode. Remember to leave a notice if the oven is not automatically locked.
  5. Allow it to cool after self-cleaning is completed.
  6. Finally, brush the ash and any dirty lining.



Non self-clean setting

Nextday Cleaning Services LLC proposes the following cleaning method:

  1. Remove the oven accessories like racks and soak them in the sink.
  2. Cover up the internal elements like a fan and apply a cleaning solution.
  3. Allow the solution more time for penetration to loosen charred food particles, 15 minutes are enough
  4. Remove grime from inside by scrubbing or scraping.

Continuous-cleaning oven

These ovens have a porcelain lining that burns off any grime or food leftover. Sometimes the dish can be sizzled which leads to building up of grime. These ovens are very much fragile. When cleaning the interior, never use chemicals or abrasive tools to scrub as this may break the delicate lining.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be done either by use of a dry vacuum cleaner or by manual brushing. The most important aspects here are the accrued benefits. Nextday Cleaning Services has been doing professional house cleaning in Falls Church, VA for the past 30 years and here are the proved benefits of carpet cleaning.

Clearing out dust mite infestations by carpet cleaning

What are dust mites? They are microscopic creatures that produce feces and body fragments that are allergens. When inhaled, exacerbate allergic reactions. This can be prevented by using their technique known as steam cleaning.

Prevention of mold growth

High humid levels or damp conditions encourages the growth of molds. Molds can lead decomposition of your carpet if this is not rectified very early. Thanks to the company because they have got high-powered drying machines that prevent mold growth.



Elimination of trapped pollutants

Toxic airborne gasses, pet dander and several air pollutants can get trapped between carpet fabrics. Vacuuming the carpet reduces the accumulation of these pollutants.

For more information on professional house cleaning in Falls Church, VA, simply get in touch with them.

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