Understanding The Cost Of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Keeping your tiles clean is a must. It’s not just done for beauty reasons, but also for hygienic purposes. Tile and grout cleaning cost isn’t that cheap, yet its overall benefit outweighs its cost. That said, you can hire a professional tile cleaning service once or twice a year to get a deep cleaning outcome of your tiles.

But how much is the cost of tile and grout cleaning service? Let’s talk more about that, so you’d better understand how worthwhile it is to let a professional take care of your stained tiles and grouts.

How much does tile and grout cleaning cost?

The average cost of tile and grout cleaning is between $282 to $700. If we do tile and grout cleaning cost per square foot, the rate will be $0.50 to $3. If you have a 100 square feet tile floor for cleaning, you’d have to pay around $50 to $300 for tile cleaning service. 

Is this worthwhile to hire a cleaning company? If it saves you time and effort from cleaning while allowing you to do more productive tasks, that’s definitely worthwhile. Besides that, professional cleaners have the proper knowledge and equipment to quickly and safely remove stains from tiles and grouts. You can also ask them to reseal your grouts to reinforce its resistance to stains and moisture.

Flat Fee or Hourly Rate for Tile Cleaning?

Many cleaning companies charge a flat rate for one room for tile cleaning. So far, it costs around $300 to $500 per room for tile and grout cleaning services cost. This is for a 150 to 250 square feet room. But you can ask the company for a free quote if they offer one. That saves you time from guessing their rates.

If we look into hourly rates and compare them to flat fees, that would give you a better idea of which one is more cost-efficient. The average hourly rate of the cost for tile and grout cleaning is between $30 to $50 for one cleaner. So, if it takes 4 hours for one cleaner to clean a 100 square feet tile floor, that costs you around $120 to $200. If you want it to be done in less than four hours, then you’d have to hire one more cleaner.

What factors affect the cost of tile and grout cleaning services?

A few factors can increase or decrease the cost of your tile cleaning, and one of them is how dirty are your tiles. The dirtier it is, and the more stains there are, the higher will be the cost of cleaning them. That goes with the intensive labor and products used for restoring the cleanliness of your tiles and grouts.

Tile size and square footage are two other factors impacting the cost of tile cleaning services. The larger the tile area, the higher is the cost of cleaning. There are times when you need to hire more than one cleaner for this job, especially if you want to get the job done in less than five hours.

If your tiles are super dirty, expect to have an extra fee of $100 to $200 from a professional cleaning company. If you want to reseal your grouts, that’s another cost to add to your pocket. To save you from paying too much, you can always ask for a free quote. Don’t forget if it’s a fixed or variable free quote you’re getting from them to avoid being surprised when the bill comes. 

If you want to lessen grouts in your kitchen, you can choose from the different granite countertop types and look for big slabs. You can talk to your contractor regarding this one. 

Hire a professional or do it yourself? 

Keeping your tiles and grouts clean is a challenging task. If you have free time, you can do that on your own. There’s a lot of house cleaning tips and tricks you can easily follow to get this task done. Secure the right products and equipment for cleaning your tiles. But if you don’t have the luxury of time to do it, better hire a professional whom you’re confident can restore the beauty and sanitation of your tiles. There are some tasks that you can do by yourself if you want to save. You can follow some effective mold cleaning tips and get rid of them in between your tile and grout. 

How much is commercial tile cleaning?

For businesses, tile cleaning is important for them since it helps maintain a hygienic and respectable workspace for the company. You can also ask for disinfection services in order to make sure that the area is cleaned and sanitized. The average cost of commercial tile cleaning is between $0.75 to $1.50 per square foot. If you have a 2,000 square feet office, you’d have to spend around $1,500 to $3,000 for tile cleaning.

We have powerful equipment that makes our tile cleaning service efficient and affordable. If you want a more affordable option, you can inquire with us today. We can give you a free quote for commercial tile and grout cleaning services.

Final Thoughts

We hope we helped you understand more about the cost of tile and grout cleaning. It may not be that cheap, yet for the sake of cleanliness and beauty, it’s a worthwhile solution. The cost of cleaning versus the cost of getting new tiles, the former is more cost-efficient. Moreover, you ensure your home and office is clean for everyone.

When it comes to preserving the beauty and sanitation of your floor tiles, hiring an expert is a must. And in case you have other questions about cleaning services, feel free to contact us. If you need a free estimate for tile cleaning, contact us today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is grout restoration?

This usually costs around 15% to 20% more than your average tile cleaning cost. That’s because of the extra effort put to restore the sealant properties of your grout. 

How much is tile restoration?

Tile restoration can vary depending on the kind of tiles you have. For instance, if that’s ceramic tiles, the cost of restoring them is between $150 to $2,000. Better ask your cleaning company if they charge the same for all kinds of tiles or not. As for repairing tiles, the average cost for that is between $250 to $600.

Are tiles and grouts naturally waterproof?

Not all are waterproof, but you can ask a professional cleaner to apply a waterproofing coat on your tiles and grouts. This helps protect them from stains and dirt.

How many times should you hire a professional tile cleaning service?

On average, hiring them twice a year is the best practice. And then, you can just do tile cleaning yourself once a week to avoid stains sticking hard on your tiles.

Do carpet cleaners clean tiles as well?

Not all to be honest. You have to check the function and product specifications of the carpet cleaner. If it says it can do tile cleaning, that would be best for you.

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