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The pandemic has taught us a lot of things. Most of the lessons are related to sanitation and keeping your belongings clean. We now know how important it is to make sure that every part of our house is thoroughly maintained. Understandably, not everyone has the time to have their home cleaned that deep but lucky us, there are maid services that do the job for us.

Whatever the job may be, there’s bound to be a professional that’s fit for it. When it comes to cleaning your house or apartment every nook and cranny, you should look for home maid services. It might seem weird to have others do this job for you but it’s reserved for a number of people actually.

For starters, these services are perfect for those who don’t have the time for a thorough clean for their home. This means if you are a busy businessman or an up and coming entrepreneur, you’re going to want these services. It’s also great to avail of these services if you want to go home to a clean home after a week of vacation. Some professional maid service crews allow you to leave your keys with them so that they can clean your house while you are gone.

It’s also a good service to have for those that aren’t confident with their cleaning skills. You see, it’s not enough to mop your floors and dust your counters. Deep cleaning means going through every inch of your floor, carpet, curtains, and more. If you still aren’t bought into the idea of using these services, then here are some of the things you’d want to expect from maid services.

Professional Cleaning At Its Best

The list of the services offered by these professionals is plenty. It’s more than just simple mopping and sweeping of floors. When we say thorough cleaning, we mean thorough cleaning. Let’s teach you the things they do in order of how they are done once the professionals step into your home.

Once they are inside, they are going to go do a thorough vacuuming of your home. This means they’ll go through every inch of your carpets, every crevice in the house, and even the curtains. The goal is to ensure that your home is dust and dirt free through and through. Some cleaning services also vacuum, your furniture deeply so that all the dirt stuck within will be taken off.

They are also going to focus on dusting hard to reach areas. These include the top of drawers, cabinets, light fixtures, and baseboards. A lot of homeowners tend to forget cleaning these parts of the house as they are very hard to reach. However, it’s important to have these dusted through and through as those solid particles are bad for the lungs.

Once done, they’ll usually begin cleaning your bathrooms and kitchens. For the bathroom, they are going to try and remove stains and molds on the floor and walls. If you’ve been having trouble cleaning your toilet bowl, they can easily do it for you as well. Issues such as clogged pipes and drains can also be handled by them.

The kitchen is an important part of the house that needs to be cleaned as well so the cleaners are going to do a thorough job with it too. For this, they are going to start doing your dishes if there are any. Depending on the service you avail of, maid services can also have your ovens and refrigerator cleaned as well.

The service will also include other tasks such as cleaning, making your bed, organizing your items, and much more. It really depends on the company you hire and the things you want them to do for you.


Of course, such a service isn’t free. Considering the quality of the work done on your home, it should never be free in the first place. You have to consider that the people doing the work are exerting a lot of effort on it. You aren’t paying for their service, you are paying for their experience. Just how much does a cleaning service set you back?

On average, a maid cleaning service costs you around $300-400 per session. This is dependent on various factors such as the size of your home and the amount of work that needs to be done. It may seem like a hefty price tag that you have to keep in mind that they are using their own cleaning equipment.

It’s easy to say that maid services are somewhat of luxury service. That is actually true though as most people just prefer cleaning their homes themselves. It’s always a choice to avail of these cleaning services than to have to pay for medical bills caused by an unsanitary home. It’s not just an investment for your home, it’s also an investment for your health as well. 

Scheduled Cleaning Service

Depending on your budget and time, you can have the professionals clean for you on a schedule. This is great especially if you are a businessman on a tight schedule. For instance, you can always have the maids go to your house to clean during the days that you are at work. This way, you are guaranteed a clean home whenever you finish work. Most people pick a schedule that sees the pros go to their home at least once every week. This is actually ideal as your house will only get dirty during the weekends likely. Having them visit more than once is a bit of a waste. If you want, you can give the service a trial period first to see if it’s something that fits your needs.

Local maid services have become more popular during this pandemic as people now see the value in a clean home. It’s a god-send for busy people or for those who have a large house. It’s something that you should consider having done in your home as well if you want to ensure that you are living as cleanly as possible.

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