Autumn House Cleaning Tips For Your Home In Chantilly, VA

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Knowing some expert house cleaning tips can make your life a lot easier and your home much cleaner. If you feel like cleaning is too much of a chore, some excellent tips for cleaning your house could make a huge difference in how you feel about it. 

Some of the best house cleaning tips in Chantilly, VA help you focus your efforts where they are most needed and not waste time. If you get the right tips for deep cleaning your house in Chantilly, VA you can save up to twenty percent of your time so that you can spend that time doing what you want.

For this blog post, our experienced cleaners will share their top professional house cleaning tips with you for the fall season. These house cleaning tips and tricks in Chantilly, VA are sure to make your life a lot less hectic so you can enjoy your home and fall in love with the season.

House Cleaning Tips And Tricks Clean Your Windows

A wonderful thing to do after the summer heat starts to subside is to clean your windows. You probably had them open a lot to get that fresh air and summer breeze into your house, but when the weather turns you are going to need to keep them closed more often.

Once you close your windows again, you might find that they look pretty dirty after the long, hot summer months. This means you are going to have to clean your windows in the fall so that they can be seen through during the colder months.

Use a high quality glass cleaner to soak the windows, then wipe it away with a clean, soft towel or cloth. Be careful if you have to wash windows up high, and if you are not sure about your safety, it’s best to call in professional glass cleaners who have the right equipment.

Fall Is A Smart Time To Clean Your Carpets

If you have been coming and going from your home to the outside world, you might have dragged in some dust, dirt and pollen. That means it’s a great time to do your semi-annual carpet cleaning and help your carpets stay fresh during the colder months. There are many carpet cleaning tips that can help you do this task effectively. 

You will start spending more time indoors as the weather gets cold, so you want to clean your carpets to raise the air quality in your home. Carpets trap all sorts of dust and allergens, so you won’t be able to breathe well inside if you leave your carpets dirty from the summer. 

You can rent a carpet cleaning machine and follow all of the instructions. They normally come with soap you can use to get your carpets nice and clean. Carpet cleaning can be a difficult job, so you might consider studying up on how to clean your carpets before you embark on the mission. Also check for some reasonable professional carpet cleaning costs and see if it would work for your budget. 

Put Away All Of Your Summer Clothing

Once the leaves start to change colors, you’re going to need different outfits to stay comfortable. That means putting away your shorts, sandals, tank tops, skirts and bathing suits. You won’t need to wear your light clothes anymore, so keep them somewhere out of the way until spring.

You might want to keep the clothes in an airtight bin that insects and rodents can’t get into. That will keep them safe for the months they aren’t being used, and you can pull them out when the weather warms up and use them as you like. 

There are also vacuum storage bags that can help you keep your summer items in a manageable size. If you’re tight on space, this could really way off and will make the rest of your fall cleaning duties much easier.

Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you have an air conditioner, you’re probably not going to be using it much in the fall, so you should take advantage of the opportunity to clean it. Especially if you have a mini split that also acts as your winter heater, getting it clean is critical.

Your air conditioner can get filled with dust during the summer months, so it’s smart to clean it up when you aren’t using it so much. That will make it so that it doesn’t blow that dust into your home the next time you want to turn it on.

Cleaning your air conditioner can also help it to function more efficiently and last longer so that you can avoid expensive repairs. You might have to find a way to take off the cover of the unit so that you can vacuum it out.

Dust Your Ceiling And Fans

Over the summer, a lot of dust can come into your house and some of it might get stuck on the ceiling. This is most common on light fixtures and your ceiling fans. Getting ready for the colder months, you want to have a clean ceiling to look at when you start spending more time inside.

With decreasing daylight hours, you’re also going to be using your lights more often and so you need to clean them off. You don’t want to turn on your lights one night and realize they are covered in filth and need to be cleaned.

You won’t be using your ceiling fans as often, so it’s smart to get all of the dust off of them so they stay clean during the colder months. If too much dust piles up, it could fall down and cause breathing problems while you’re staying warm inside your house. If you can afford the cost of hiring maid services, this would be beneficial for you. 

Reorganize Your Kitchen Cabinets

It’s easy to let your cabinets get a little messy over the fun summer months. You probably have been going out on a lot of picnics and you might not have time for keeping your kitchen cabinets clean. Fall is a great time to get on top of your cabinets and make them easier to use.

You might have some cooking duties to do during the fall, and you almost certainly will when the holiday seasons arrive. Having organized kitchen cabinets makes cooking much easier and you will be able to find everything that you need. Aside from your kitchen cabinets, make sure that you also keep your marble countertops clean

Something you might try when organizing your kitchen cabinets in the fall is to keep your plates and bowls in the same area. You also want to have all of your types of glasses in the same place so they are easy to find.

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